With the growing age men suffer various physical problems due to hormonal changes in the body. These hormonal changes are evident and starts occur with time in mostly every man. Medical science has given this condition of men a name – Adipose.

What actually is Adipose?

Men usually suffer the problem after they have reached the age of 50. The condition is much similar to Adipose - hormonal imbalance in menlike in women, who have to suffer hormonal changes during their Menopause phase, in which their body starts to lose a number of hormones completely. This creates a hormonal imbalance in their body which is the reason for a couple of health problems.

Parallel to this condition, men starts to lose hormones in Adipose problem. A condition arises where the body experiences a shortage of some certain hormones. As a result to the problem or unevenness in the ratio of hormones, the person may possibly get suffered from a number of physical problems.

For instance, men start to lose interest in making physical contacts with their partners. Again, there are instances where the individuals have completely lost their interest in their partner, starts ignoring them as well as avoid any kind of physical contact with her.

Common symptoms leading to the problem:
  • Person gets physically tired easily and over and over again.
  • He loses interest in any kind of work or in the daily chores.
  • He experiences laziness more regularly.
  • There is a problem with the urine release. He fails to empty his bladder at the very time.
  • Again, he feels irritation with the urine release.
What’s the cure to the problem?

Cure to the problem and health solutionThere is a hormone called testosterone which is directly responsible for the changes, imbalance or complete exhaustion of the hormones. Besides, aged people or above 50 people experience a lot of problems with their physical body. These problems are again the outcome of this hormone. Hence, the medication of adipose involves medicines and injections of testosterone hormone. Through this medical treatment, the internal shortage of the hormones is fulfilled.

Prior to the medication, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test is done. In case, a person is suffering from swollen or increased prostate, he could be treated using the laser treatment.

Some additional health suggestions:

The reduction of testosterone hormone in men with the increase in age should be considered a natural phenomenon and shouldn’t be treated as a disease. It is natural for a person to get indulged in certain physical problems in this kind of busy schedule. Therefore, it is beneficial for one to get their life balanced with healthy food items and workout schedule.