Sinus is a nasal problem and is caused because of the infection in nasal air passage. Dust & pollution are two basic and main reasons leading to Allergic Sinusitis. Yet, proper medical help and Yoga helps control or can say minimize the ill effects of this disease.

Chief Causes of Sinus:

With each passing day, our cities are getting more and more crowded. Consequently, as with the increase in Chief cause of Allergic Sinusitispopulation, the pollution is increasing rapidly. Every city, state or country on the globe is dealing with the unfavorable effects of “POLLUTION”. As with the population rise, pollution is on rise. Our cities are dealing with a variety of health related problems. Among the different kinds of pollution “Air Pollution” is the leading one and prime cause for diseases in human.

Worse Outcomes of pollution:

Sinus as a worse Outcome of pollutionNasal, breathing problems and other related problems are the outcome of this kind of pollution. Among the serious air borne diseases “Sinus” is reasonably severe. Since many past years, the disease was considered a rare one.

Yet, with the rapidly changing time, it is getting its place registered amid the common diseases. As well, there is fact which which increases its severity. The disease isn’t confined to certain age limit or caused due to factors like malnutrition. In other words, it can affect anyone irrespective of age etc.

What does researches indicate?

In the majority of cases, allergy is one prime factor assisting the growth of the disease. However, the what researches indicate for sinus problemdisease we signify as Sinus is in reality represented as “Sinusitis”.

Basically, Sinus is one internal part behind the face which is attached to the nose. This part is commonly known as “Air Structure”. More importantly, this part is further divided in four different sections behind the nose. In our daily communication this part is known as Sinus.

What is Allergic Sinusitis?

What is Allergic SinusitisSinusitis is the condition which arises when the air structure gets affected by any kind of infection or swells anyway. In this situation, the infected person gets suffered with a swollen nose. Clearly speaking Infection is the prime cause for the disease to grow. Mainly, the problem is distributed in four types.

Among these four, the commonly encountered Sinusitis problem in people is Allergic Sinusitis, which is the common problem for nearly 70% of Sinus patients. The other three Sinusitis problems include Viral Sinusitis, Bacterial Sinusitis and Fungal Sinusitis. The remaining 30% patients gets affected with the other three Sinus problems.

In worst case scenario, the problem can even lead to serious issues such as “Tumors” or “Bronchitis”. So consultation with a doctor is beneficial for someone, dealing with the problem for long.

How is Pollution responsible for Sinusitis?

As stated earlier, Pollution is the prime cause for the disease to grow. Weak immunity is another cause How is Pollution responsible for Sinusitisfor the disease to take you into its grasp. Apart from these two major reasons, Sinus can also happen due to multiple other reasons. Health problems like Asthma, Diabetes, Cold and Common Cold or Viral fever for a very long time can be the reason for the disease (Sinus) to grow.

At last, there is something I want to explain. As per which a person with weak immunity is a direct prey for the disease.

Symptoms of Allergic Sinusitis:

Symptoms of Sinus and sinusitisThe symptoms of the disease are quite common to the symptoms of some other diseases like viral fever or Common Cold. Again, if someone is experiencing watery puss coming out from the nose, affected with heavy headache or is noticing seeping of water into the neck through nose, it is quite possible that the person is suffering from Allergic Sinusitis. As well the person can experience a kind of pain and tension on the face, which can be a symptom.

Moreover, if the viral fever symptoms are of more than 5-6 years, then consultation with a doctor is must and beneficial. The prevention and cautiousness in this case is better. However, “Allergic Sinusitis” is one such problem that can be hereditary.

In one other post, I have explained some points as how can you Identify the Sinusitis problem and how to Cure the Disease.