When we talk about food, the taste is not the only aspect we have to think about. We should be cautious Ayurvedic cooking needs cautiousnesswith the method of serving food as its quite important too. There are a lot of other important facts which you should understand. Ayurvedic cooking needs cautiousness. The ingredients should be chosen carefully.

These days, people desire for a healthy lifestyle. Awareness as well as cautious behavior is turning people’s interest for Ayurvedic cooking. Besides, it is ancient times, from the time when people had a firm belief on Ayurveda and its related techniques and medicines. You can remain lively, young and fit by opting naturally produced elements as well using them in their organic form.

How Ayurvedic cooking justifies the relation between 5 basic elements and food?

Ayurvedic cooking justifies the relation between 5 basic elements and foodNow if you have made your mind and wants to consider Ayurvedic cooking method in your kitchen and gave it a chance, clearly I want to tell you that while cooking food with this method you have follow the principles of Ayurveda. Actually, the Ayurvedic science states that our body and our food are made up of five basic elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. The food prepared by following the respective principles balances and maintains the ratio of these elements within our body.

Moreover, this method of cooking isn’t a new one. People are using this cooking method since last many centuries. In this method, the effectiveness of food is preserved by employing certain conventional techniques. Eating regularly as well as monitoring the gap between two meals is quite essential.

Nature’s Five Elements:

Our nature is made up of five fundamental elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire and sky. Furthermore, there is Defects caused due to the reduction of Nature’s Five Elementsa part of other four in every of the elements. Reduction in the volume of these elements leads to the following defects: Musculoskeletal Disorder (Vat Rog), Pitta disturbance and Cough problem. Every person is affected by one or the other problem in a different way. The natural conditions existing around someone at the time of his/her birth decide the effects of the elements.

Most of the people are naturally affected with the combination of two elemental defects. At times, when the defects gets balanced, the body works normally. The person remains healthy. On the other hand, when the defects are in unbalanced state, it affects the digestive system. In addition, toxicants generate into the body. For that reason, the body starts to lose the immunity and gets affected with one or the other disease, every so often.

Effects on the Digestive System:

Effects on the Digestive SystemDifferent defects affect body, appetite and digestive process independently. At the same time, it affects are clearly visible on the mind as well on the brain clearly. For instance, a person suffering from cough defects may well have a slow digestive process, instability with the emotions and feelings etc.

Imbalance in the earth element in the body is responsible for the problems. Food abstention is one best solution and cure against any such disease. Along with it, this is tried to balance the defects present inside the body. As a result, body gets free from toxicants, and condition of balance is established.

Food and Health:

As Ayurveda suggests, food plays a vital role in the maintenance of the body and its health. As well, a good quality food provides long age. On the contrary end, if your food is not in quality as well as efficient, it can pass on ill effects on your health. In fact, the maximum of diseases found in human beings are a only result to wrong appetite and eating habits.

In reality, Ayurveda has its concentration on three of aspects – Cure, prevention of disease and health. Food and HealthThe food science indicates, you should adopt a fixed time and method for meals. As well as, there are certain rules with the preparation of food. Ayurveda is serious when it comes to implementation of the rules and you should abide them, if you want best results for yourselves.

Ayurveda states, Material science and weather science plays essential role in cooking of healthy food. The food is prepared separately for every person and the diet plan is made considering the nutrient necessity for the person. As a result, the person gets required nourishment and freedom from various diseases. All total, the purpose of Ayurveda cooking is to keep a healthy person free from diseases or else cure an infected person.

What is Ayurveda Cooking?

What is Ayurveda CookingAyurvedic Cooking tells everything about ‘What to eat?’, ‘How to eat?’ and ‘How to Cook?’ Ayurveda explains the nourishment techniques, correct food combination, food alternatives, time for eating, oil usage and way of cooking in detail. Also as of Ayurveda, food is distributed in three sections – normal (organic), royal and gloomy.

The first one (organic or normal) section contains a list of food items that are light, pure and full of life energy. This type of food combination helps body remain cool and besides maintains a sense of balance between the mind and brain. On the contrary end, consuming royal or gloomy food on a larger scale can create a nature of imbalance in the body which is much harmful for health.

Part of Sunlight and air with food:

The Ayurvedic cooking science explains that the cooked food should have a touch of sunlight and air. AsPart of Sunlight and air with food well the food cooked in a temperature above 118 degree centigrade may well lose its nutritive ability; all its nutrients can die at this temperature. For instance, a pressure cooker’s internal initial temperature is nearly about 120 degree. Again, for baking food items, the temperature is constantly between 140 – 180 degree centigrade.

Other than this, Non stick utensils used these days at a full scale are carcinogenic. A carcinogenic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the manufacturing of these utensils. The utensil which starts emitting poisonous and toxic fumes that you breathe in each time you cook using a non-stick pot or pan!

Use of Microwave, Aluminum or Non Stick utensils can as well lead you to deadly diseases like Cancer, Bronchitis and Arthritis etc.