When someone returns from a place outside, he/she collects a lot of germs, enough to even make him/her ill, very ill. In normal situations one tries to escape these germs by washing their hands with a good soap as well washing their face using a face wash or soap or even by bathing regularly and daily. If you are going to believe me, this isn’t a fruitful and effective solution for your problems.

Also, in the hotness of summer season, there are many other parts of the body where germs can attack. In the absence of total cleanliness, these body parts can get affected with the germs and the person can get infected with diseases.

Solution to the problem is simple –“Bathing”. Bathing regularly or taking bath after returning home from anywhere is quite essential. This practice can help the person avoid germs to much extent.

bathing regularly after returning from Outings or Going Out:

bathing-is-essential-after Outings or Going OutYou should be cautious with your health and should consider some vital points when going for outings, no matter the distance. If you are going for an outing in a car, cover the glass panes completely. There are germs in the air which are born due to pollution and multiple other reasons. These agents of diseases can make anyone ill.

Then again, if you are travelling via train, bus, taxi or auto rickshaw or by any other means, avoid touching handles or seat cover even. These things carry huge amount of bacteria. When touched with hands, these things deliver the host bacteria on the person’s hands. Bathing regularly after returning from outside places like office, school or college etc can help one avoid germs.

Safe Breathing:

As stated earlier, one has to deal with a large army of germs during the summer months. As well, the two main ways by which the germs enter one’s body are Nose and Mouth. Breathing in polluted air is a top factor. In summer season, a person should avoid crowded places as the air in these places is the safe breathing is essential in buses, cars and marketmost contagious.

Crowded markets, buses, train etc are such places where the risk of contagion is the most. Thus, it is advisable that you should cover your mouth and nose with a cloth. A mask or a cloth usage can save you from germs in the first place.

Safe Swimming:

bathing at swimming poolIn summer season, most of the people choose swimming as a solution against heat. In Fact, this activity helps them escape the harshness of the summer season. On the contrary end, these swimming pools can make you ill too. It is when the water in the swimming pool isn’t clean and fresh, and then it can lead the person to many kinds of skin diseases. As well, diseases like Hepatitis and Jaundice etc can take the person in their custody.

Actually, places like water parks and swimming pools are visited by a lot of people daily. And so, it is a necessary for you to get it certain, that the water is clean. For instance, a person who is suffering from an infection visits the pool; it is preferable to change the water with the fresh one before using it. If water can’t be changed, something should be done to make the water bacteria free.

If these steps aren’t taken, other people using the swimming pool can get affected with the infection. Besides, it is quite difficult to identify an infectious person among the other people at the place. So, bathing regularly after returning home from the swimming pool is much essential.

Note:bathing at ponds

Chances of getting infectious skin diseases is more in still water (ponds, pools, water parks etc) in
comparison to moving water (river). So it is best for everyone to follow steps given in above paragraphs.