You may possibly agree with me when I say your hair defines your personality in front of others. attractive and healthy hair enhances personalityParticularly for women, hair health means a lot, as if they can’t even think life without it. Besides, it has a very little part in reality, and then to, hair loss may happen to be quite a disturbing experience for them. Beautiful and healthy hair not only draws persona as well it makes the person look special.

Normally, there is an approximate of 100,000 and 120,000 hair strands on our head. The loss of hair is a regular phenomenon and nearly everyone loses about 100 strands every day. Nothing to worry about as the new strands replaces them at the similar speed.

On the other hand, if a person experiences greater loss of hair, the reasons can be wrong medication of some kind, reduced diet, anorexia, neck or upper back injury and post febrile (high-temperature) & post-operative effects or can even be hidden in child birth.  Hair is a protein enriched substance and it’s a required element in its protection.  Average amount of food items like Eggs, meat, nuts, seeds, pulses, milk and fish can be helpful.

Here are a few tips which can help you fight the hair loss problem furthermore gain healthy hair:

Tip 1: Wash hair twice a week with a good-quality shampoo:

You should make a habit of getting your Wash hair twice a week with a good-quality shampoohair washed twice a week using a good quality shampoo. However, you must understand that washing hair more than approved number of times can drain the moisture from it. As a result, the hair dehydrates, turns rough and starts to fell.

On the other hand, you should use shampoos which are free from sulfates and Parabens. Sulfates are chemicals which lather with water, where, Parabens may surely be the reason for eye irritation and other eye related problems. Furthermore these chemicals aren’t healthy for environment too.

Tip 2: Avoid hair products having too much protein:

As all learned people say, excess to anything is bad Avoid hair products having too much proteineven if the thing you are doing is good for you. Protein is good for hair, however when you use hair products those having a great quantity of protein, you risk your hair against some sure problems. It may well provide them a dehydrated feel as well as make them look weak.

Protein is among the major nutrients which are needed for healthy hair; still excessive use is not beneficial. In a nut shell, you should check the ratio of internal constituents of conditioners before purchasing them.

Tip 3: Want Healthy Hair, then let the hair dry naturally:

After bathing or washing Let the hair dry naturally after bathing or washing hairhair, you should envelop hair in a cotton towel or cloth. You must not use fabric towels as they are coarse plus can be damaging for your hair. They can be the cause for fragile or split ends. In addition, you should avoid brushing wet hair. Brushing wet hair possibly will make hair fragile and feeble. For combing wet hair, make use of a wide toothed comb as tangles can be resolved in an easy way.

Tip 4: Prevent Split Ends when sleeping:

Common cotton Prevent Split Ends when sleepingmade pillow covers are rough. While you sleep, you lose a number of hair strands because of the friction created between the cover and your hair. Thus you must purchase or use pillowcases that create less friction in comparison to the regular cotton ones. As a result, your hair will be less likely to tangle or break when you toss and turn.

Tip 5: Hair Strands turning Gray:

Whatever you do, do not Hair Strands turning Graypluck! Definitely, it’s tempting, when you see a stray strand or two turned gray, you grab the tweezers and wants to pluck them. However, I am sure you may well live to regret this kind of shortcut. It is as if plucking hair strands can damage the hair follicle plus the strand may perhaps never grow back. Consequently, as you age and your hair thins naturally, you’ll be in need for every strand of hair you can save. Gray hair is completely fine quality hair, it has just lost pigment. Color it!

Tip 6: Keep your scalp clean & oil free:

Hair wash should be a Keep your scalp clean & oil freeregular habit. You should take bath depending on the oiliness of your skin, as well as contact with the dirt & dust. However it’s not good to wash your hair every day, since you can strip it from natural oils which are needed for healthy hair growth. As a rule, you should schedule healthy hair washing nearly two times a week or depending on your requirements.

Tip 7: Follow a healthy lifestyle & have a Nutritious diet:

A Healthy lifestyle and well nutritious diet is a necessity for Follow a healthy lifestyle & have a Nutritious dieteveryone, in case you have a longing for beautiful curls. Make a habit to drink a lot of water as well as ensure that you take protein into your diet. Lentils & meat for instance are high-quality sources of protein. Vitamin A is again an essential nutrient promoting hair growth, therefore green leafy vegetables, carrots and cod liver oil must also be added into your diet chart.

Tip 8: Avoid unnecessary hair styling treatments:

Use of harsh chemicals will destroy your hair growth in the longer run; that’s why; it’s advisable to embrace the beauty of your hair and find the way to avoid chemicals based treatments, or, at least, use them seldom.

Tip 9: Do not comb wet hair as well try to avoid using hair dryer:

It is best that you let your hair dry naturally, particularly in the summer season.

Tip 10: Apply warm oil treatments using coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil:

Apply a little warmed up oil in Apply warm oil treatments using coconut oil, castor oil or olive oilthe roots of your hair and massage it to the lengths, keep it on (if possible warped) for at least 30 to 40 minutes. After that, wash your hair. The method will for sure add shine and elasticity to the hair strands.
At last, you must recognize as if when you introduce the seed of good care for your hair, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, glossy and silky locks!