Ayurvedic Cooking method considers Cleanliness as a initial and most important step prior to cooking. Cooking using Ayurveda method and techniquesAs well, there are a lot of essential elements within the food items. The accurate ratio of these elements in the food is important. The key intention behind all the preparations is to prepare a meal which is tasty as well as healthy.

  1. The meal should contain all the six tastes, i.e. sweetness, saltiness, chilly nature, sour, bitterness, and astringent. Along with the tastes, preparation of hygienic, uncontaminated food is essential. Thus when you are in mood to cook something, you should think about:
  • Hair are needed to be tied properly.
  • Nails should be trimmed and cut properly.
  • You should wash your hands before entering the kitchen.
  1. Foodstuffs lose their color and quality when cooked for long, plus they lose their nutritive value. Thus, its important to pay attention on the time and temperature for cooking various food items. Most importantly time for cooking different vegetables is different, so its necessary for you to keep an eye on it.
  2. Spices play a vital role in preparing a couple of dishes. If you want to enjoy the true taste of the spices, then it’s crucial that you use a little amount of salt. This balances the taste of the food item.
Earthen Utensils are healthier:

clay or earthen pots for cooking in AyurvedaWe know, pressure cookers prepare food quickly. Even, pulses are ready to serve in 5-10 minutes when prepared in a pressure cooker. The pressure produced inside the cooker is far more great. This pressure and heat makes the pulses boil quickly. However, the nutritive value of the pulses doesn’t break into the substitute elements. This on the other hand reduces the nutritive value to 15% approx.

On the contrary end, Ayurvedic Cooking Method focuses on food prepared in earthen pots/utensils. The food prepared in earthen utensils is far more tastier than prepared in most metal utensils as well doesn’t lose nutrition. In these earthen utensils, the food is prepared at low to average temperature (simmering). Also, there is a presence of light and air. These processes collectively help maintain the nutritive property of the food as well as boosts up the taste.

Fortunately, these days earthen utensils are accessible in the market easily and in good rates. These can work a good deal like the pressure cookers. The only difference is that these lack the pressure cooker whistle. The chapatti or something similar prepared on the iron plate and vegetables cooked in steam don’t lose its nutritive value.

Grain – Cereal intake is important:

We normally consume wheat or refined wheat flour made food-stuffs in our daily diet. More like this grains or cereals are good for healthgrain, there are various other grains which you should include these in your diet. These grains are well enriched with nutritive properties. Millet, Barley, Jowar (sorghum) and Bajra (pearl millet) are few of many grains which are nutritive by nature. These items are rich in specific types of body building elements and helps body regain its lost strength.

Ayurvedic Cooking Method states that cooking previous night water soaked grains is a great deal advantageous. Items like rice and pulses contain air as a major constituent. Soaking these raw food items in water for nearly ½ hour prior to cooking it is beneficial. As by doing so, you’ll be able to balance the ratio of air-water within the item. Besides, the process makes the food item a lot digestible.

Benefits of a Healthy Meal prepared by Ayurvedic Cooking Method:
ayurvedic food is healthy
  1. Digestive System remains good and sound.
  2. The mood remains peaceful and happy.
  3. Gets freedom from depression as well as tension.
  4. The mind remains stable in every of the situations.
  5. The nutritive value of the food remains stable when cooked in earthen utensils.