Why Antibodies starts to fight against us

In a couple of times, antibodies can damage the tissue structure of body too. Even though, it seems impossible for swallow this fact that antibodies can be harmful for us. In fact, we all know antibodies help us fight the diseases, yet they can be dangerous at times.

As well in such situations, the negative effect of the antibodies is also visible on the body parts. Our nervous system is one of our inner sections which suffer the worst consequences. Person may suffer from a disease named as Lupus.

What’s Lupus? Why Antibodies starts to fight against us?

Now the question is what actually Lupus is and what happens when person suffers from it?

what is lupus diseaseNormally, the immune system protects the body when it gets affected with external harmful elements. The immune system produces antibodies which fight against these foreign unhealthy agents, thus protecting the person.

On the other hand, there are certain foreign agents, in easy words viruses which contain protein within them. It is a part to their internal structure. This protein is alike to the protein present in the antibodies.

Factors like these confuse the antibodies and sometimes they get deflected from their path, which is saving the organs against the disease. And so, these antibodies start to destroy the tissue system. However, situations like this one is rare, it has a name in medical science. It is termed as Lupus.

Generally, the disease hunts people between the age group 14-45 years and make them its prey. The young and females may get infected with ‘Systemic Lupus’. This disease may negatively affect their brain, heart, liver, skin, hair or even nails.

Side effects of the disease:

Systemic Lupus affects someone in the following two ways. Primarily, the disease attacks the person’s Side effects of the diseasebrain. On the other hand, if the attack is not directly on the brain, it is through Nerves. This causes Psychosis disease in the brain which disturbs the person’s mental balance, affects his temper and nature. As an outcome, the person suffers with fits. In addition, the person may suffer from paralysis, get blockage in varicose veins or he/she might lose the eye sight.

The young women who had suffered from paralysis in the past as well as those women who had an abortion in past can suffer from Vacuities. This creates a type of effect in veins which is termed as AIDP in medical science. The problem weakens the veins and the risk of paralysis increases.

If the effect of Lupus is extremely dangerous and visible in multiple parts of your body, it might affect the brain too. So you should remain cautious with the treatment.

Medical Test and medication:

blood test a sole sucessful method to identify LupusBlood test is a sole successful method for identifying the problem. The other name for the process is Auto Immune Profile. Considering the blood test report, doctors can easily identify the causes and outcomes of the disease. Accordingly, they can work on the cure for the disease.

In the case of Auto Immune Disease, the detection and identification of the problem becomes difficult. Moreover, it gets impossible to keep a check on the recovery of patient. Thus, it can’t be made certain as if the patient is totally recovered or not.

However, the treatment and medication advised for the problem helps eliminate or minimize a lot of ill effects of the disease in the longer run. Then to, the medication can last for a few months, for a year or even for your whole life.medication used with Lupus

Doctors prescribe steroids or other helpful medication to the patient. However, these solutions and drugs have their side effects. Thus, it’s necessary for the patient to have them strictly on doctor’s advice.