Childhood Obesity or overweight problem is a serious condition, don’t take it easily. Today’s overweight condition of your Obesity or overweight problem in childrenchild can lead him/her to many painful diseases. Encourage your kid for a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity problem is growing to be a big problem for today’s’ kids. In our world about one fourth of the kids or even more are dealing with this problem. It seems as if childhood is getting buried under the constant pressure created due to the problem. The disease is well haunting the children of all ages.

What Researches indicate?

In a research made by America’s Center of Disease Control and Prevention, a fact has emerged before us. It states that medical expense on an obese kid is about 19 thousand dollars more than the normal kid. At the same time, research indicates that chances of turning of an obese or overweight kid into a more obese adult are much greater.

Health Effects of Childhood Obesity:

overweight childhood increase the risk of diseasesAs it is obvious to you, a heavy or fat body is home to many serious diseases. High blood pressure and blood sugar which are the outcomes of the problem can lead you to diabetes and further on can bring a few big heart diseases at your doorsteps. Apart from these two diseases there are numerous other diseases which are ready to make your body their home if you are planning to be obese.

These diseases as a whole work drastically within the body and make it hollow from inside. In other words, these problems collectively destroy the immunity; the body turns out to be defenseless against any foreign microorganism or disease.

Childhood Obesity Facts:

Laziness is one big side effect of obesity. Arthritis is another problem commonly visible in obese people.Laziness a effect of childhood obesity You have read the story and we can say the results are not so awesome. As to avoid these dreadful diseases or problems, you should encourage the habit of healthy routine since very childhood. The healthy habits are essential as to remain energetic or active for years to come.

Decreasing Self Confidence:

Fat or over-healthy kids lose self confidenceMost Fat or over-healthy kids prefer to keep themselves away from the crowd or can say average kids. Reason is, other kids vex them which on the other hand tears down their self confidence. These kids experience a fear as per which they think they will lose every time on each occasion.

This unnecessary fear compels them to run away from versatile opportunities and they didn’t even try to participate. The fear gives birth to hesitation and thus they didn’t even try to participate in any school activity/sports etc.

What happens in the absence of extracurricular activities or sports?

Gradually, in the absence of extracurricular activities or sports, the child fails to manage his/her weight. outdoor games and extra curricular activities are good against childhood overweight problemIn most cases, the child adds more weight in a short time. Truly speaking, in case of kids, overweight or obesity problem isn’t something huge nor does it cause any big problem to them.

However, on the other hand the problem of obesity can lead to many other previously stated problems in his/her adulthood period.

What are the consequences of Childhood Obesity?

Fatness or overweight character in a kid creates an imbalance between his/her diet and energy level. These kids gain energy from their daily diet but fail to exhaust it in their daily activities. Some kids have these qualities by birth which they inherit from their parents. These issues can’t be solved permanently however can be balanced out with eating/ playing etc.

Dieting isn’t helpful at all:

grown up kid shouldn’t opt dietingA grown up kid shouldn’t opt dieting as an alternative against obesity. This activity cuts the supply of nutrition for the body and cause a physical and mental loss to the body. Besides, one should positively consult a health professional. Kids should participate in activities like swimming and dancing.

“Overweight or fatness is a factor which can be measured with BMI (Body Mass Index). According to this method, the problem is divided into three levels: Normal, Overweight and Obese.”