Chickenpox is one of the common diseases encountered in the younger age. However, the disease is not varicella zoster virus responsible for Chickenpoxvery much harmful during this period as it is in adulthood. For adults, the disease can lead to outcomes like mental illness or pancreatitis. Thus it’s better for you to consider the problem in a serious way.

Chickenpox is a virus contagious disease. Actually, the disease is commonly found in children. The problem is caused due to a contagious virus named as Varicella Zoster. As many contagious diseases the virus responsible for the disease gets activated during seasonal changes.

Age group most vulnerable against this infectious disease:

chickenpox in childrenThe kids belonging to the age group 1 to 10 are significantly at risk. As well as the kids having inferior immunity against other diseases are easy prey for Chicken pox. Other than these kids, the kids who were previously suffering from multiple harmful diseases and have a low stamina gets infected with the Chicken-pox disease easily.

As stated previously it is a contagious disease. The infection gets easily transmitted from a sick kid to a healthy kid. Though, the disease isn’t much harmful in most cases.

Points you should know About Chicken Pox during Pregnancy and Adulthood:

Other than the kids, the disease can have further terrible effects on the health of an adult or on a Chickenpox during Pregnancypregnant woman. The only precaution lies with the awareness and caution. In the case of a pregnant woman, the mother can unintentionally give the disease to her unborn child. In case of other adults, the disease can make him/her lose mental health. The disease can lead him/her to the pancreatitis problem.

The disease can be cured within 4 to 7 days of proper medication. However in some cases, it can take a minimum of 2 weeks for the treatment to work effectively. Varicella vaccine is a successful cure against the disease. This vaccine minimizes the chances of the disease.

Chickenpox- Symptoms of the disease:

Chickenpox- Symptoms of the diseaseAs a symptom of the disease, a person suffers a little fever with small red granular spots all over on the body. In fact, it is like an opening for the disease. Within 1-2 days, the granular spots converts to pimples (boil sour). Further on, these pimples gets filled with some infected liquid (Puss). Simultaneously, the patient experiences bad cold. An itching starts all over in the body. The boil sour generally appears on the face, head, forehead, back, chest, legs and on arms. The person loses his/her appetite. In some cases the person experiences vomiting.

Reasons and Causes behind the disease:

The basic cause leading to the disease is person’s carelessness towards his/her eating habit. In taking Reasons and Causes behind the Chicken-pox diseasefood items without considering much is like an open invitation for the disease. Drinking polluted water or consuming uncovered and unprotected food items can be a cause for the disease in many.

Other than these factors, the disease is dependent on temperature i.e. hotness or coldness. The Varicella Zoster virus which is responsible for the disease is mostly active in winters, i.e. in the times extreme cold. This is the very time when the virus is in its most destructive form.

The primary targets of the virus are the kids who have the most sensitive skin and less immunity. The possibility of the infection in these kids is greatest.

In some cases, an infant had to leave his/her mother’s milk due to some reasons. The child is provided with a different diet. This infant gets internally weak. Chances of Chickenpox infections gets maximum with these kids. However, the chances of infection are minimal.

Precautions to be taken with the disease:

Precautions and measures to be taken with Chickenpox Obviously, you need a lot of precautions with the disease. This is a communicable disease and can pass on to others in case of inappropriate care. In case, someone from your family gets affected with the disease. It is advisable you should keep the kids away from the person. As well as, every of you should take proper steps to minimize the risks.

The disease spreads rapidly and easily makes new victims. The sneezing and coughing of the patient can be dangerous for others. Thus, the patient should stay at home most of the time. The infected kid should take rest at home. He/she should not go to school. Whereas adults should avoid going to Offices. The only place a person should visit is Doctor’s.

The infected person should not burst his boil sours (Puss filled pimples). The bursting of pimples can create spots on the skin. As well, the puss (liquid) flowing out of the pimple may infect people near him/her.

It’s effect with other diseases:

The people suffering with diseases like Diabetes, TB, HIV or Kidney Disease need to be extra cautious. These diseases can be a cause for worst outcomes. Thus the person should visit his/her doctor ASAP.

Pregnant Women and other adults should be more cautious:

Though, there is least chance of the disease to affect the same person twice in his/her life. On the other Damage in the intestine can cause Pancreatitis in adultshand, when the person gets affected with the disease in the adulthood, he/she suffers a great loss. The disease can affect the Pancreas, Intestine or Brain. Damage in the intestine can cause Pancreatitis.

This disease can be similar to a two edged sharp sword for going to be moms (Pregnant Woman). Initially, the disease can negatively affect her pancreas or her brain. This increases the risk of infection for the going to be born babies. The infection can weaken up the baby’s organs or his/her immunity.

As explained earlier, the disease does not affect the person twice in his/her life. Still, the virus lives within that host body in deactivated form. Somehow, if the disease bounces back, it can be more risky. This time, the disease is not termed as Chicken-pox, besides it’s termed as Shingles.

Shingles- What is this disease?

Shingles- What is this disease and its relation with Chicken poxWhen the Chickenpox problem returns to the same person in his/her life, the disease is termed as Shingles. The disease is more dangerous in adults. It has some worst outcomes with them. Here, the person suffers painful and itchy pimples. The other basic symptoms of the disease are similar to the Chickenpox. Sometimes, these itchy-painful pimples join to make bigger pimples. In case, the effect of the problem reaches to the person’s eye, it can make him/her lose their eye sight.

Symptoms leading to the problem consist of Slight fever, high fever, joint pain, bad stomach, headache, shivering, cold or blisters of Chickenpox. The person should take immediate help from the doctor. As well, the person should take medicines on a timely basis and regularly.