The clothes we wear each day have a good effect on our health. Now you would be thinking as if what’s clothes importancethe connection between clothes and health? Actually, most of us think that clothes are merely a thing which makes us look good. Some can even consider clothes as an article which is used to cover human body, so that the body can withstand the climate.

Other than these ideas, clothing items is not merely an article which enhances ones personality, besides it has its positive effects as per the health point of view. The fact may be unbelievable for you, though it is true. Reason is, you may perhaps have associated clothing wear with fashion, trends as well as with attractiveness.

Proper Fitting and fabric:

Clothes Proper Fitting and fabricOur clothing has a distinct effect on your mind as well as on the body. It is as if the clothes you wear are not of proper fitting, the used fabric is not skin friendly, in that case  you may well encounter  some physical problems. In another case, if the color is not good or you go for dull or sad colored clothes, the effect may possibly be visible on your mood.

On the other hand, wearing tight clothes can be an invitation for Candid yeast infection. As well you may face outcomes such as nerve disorder or problems related to spine and muscles etc.

At this instant, you may have identified the relation between clothing and your health. For instance, a thoughtful research prior to buying any kind of outfits can greatly and positively affect your health. While on the contrary end, a wrong choice can affect your health in a much worse manner.

Have an effect on Personality:

Not only health, it has some confident and high-quality effects on your personality too. As well, the set of Clothes have an effect on Personalityclothes you choose has a straight connection with your feelings and emotions. You can identify a person’s character as well as the level of sensitivity he/she possess. Moreover, clothes do tell the confidence level of a person.

As stated earlier in this paragraph, a person’s costume is like a mirror of his/her personality. For this reason, when someone has to enhance his/her personality, apparel is one key thing to be monitored. Apparel enhances one’s external personality. For internal personality enhancement, various other exercises in the form of debates and chats are advised.

Clothes affect the wearer’s mind & mood:

Clothes affect the wearer’s mind & moodClothing has a good positive relation with ones brain and mood. As to identify a person’s mood i.e. he/she is in happy or sad mood, you just have to visualize his/her clothing taste. The colors of clothing have a great connection with the freshness and sadness in ones mood. Nearly every of the color has its importance and thus has its specific effect on the person’s mood.

For instance, red color has a charm and energy in it which helps people handle depression and anxiety. Likewise yellow color is quite good and health friendly for people and provides a healthy mind too.

There are a few people who have a habit, in which they change their clothes many times in a day.  They have specific attire set for every place, they go. This habit indicates that these people are internally satisfied and happy. They are well capable to handle any problem which they encounter in their life.

Scientific explanation to the relation between wearer and outfit:

Whenever a person wears attire which is dear to him/her, then the neurons present in the brain gets Scientific explanation to the relation between wearer and outfitactivated. They increase the amount of thyroxin hormone, which on the other hand increases the amount of serotonin enzyme.  This enzyme is responsible for making a person’s mood positive and jolly. Thus it can be said, whenever a person chooses to wear good, attractive clothes, he/she is full of confidence and experiences a positive energy within him/her.

Some days, people are in very good mood, their mind and heart are healthy as well. These are the days when people love to wear dark and attractive color clothes like Violet, Orange, Green or Pink. Then again, if he/she is not cautious with his/her clothing style and is wearing is dull colored clothes or improper style or unfitted ones, it indicates that he/she is not well, suffering from tension or depression.

At last, we can say that our taste with clothes directly affect our mind and heart. Thus, it is vital that you stay cautious with your clothing sense as to make yourself healthy.