Girls picking plums in a plum treeA plum is a sweet, juicy fruit which is available in the market during the summer months. This fruit is a quite juicy as well tasty. It belongs to the biological family of Rosaceae. Plum or prunes belongs to genus Prunus domestica, which includes items like peaches, nectarine and almonds.

The fruit is available in a range of colors and flavors. It can Plums varietiesas well be preserved by drying and pickling. The fruit is obtained from a plant which is a small shrub that is extensively grown all across the world, particularly in China, United States, Japan and Europe. Dried prunes are nothing but dehydrated plums.

Both plums and prunes have several health benefits and are well known for their high content of phytonutrients that act as antioxidants in the body.

Health Benefits of Plum:

health benefits of PlumPlums decrease the harmful effects of free radicals and defend against the growth of health conditions like asthma, arthritis, heart stroke and cancer. Certain other health benefits of plums include indigestion relief, influenza infection, and anxiety-related problems.

The antioxidant strength of plums helps in treating health disorders like osteoporosis, macular degeneration, diabetes and obesity.

These antioxidants are primarily useful in cutting down the effects of the vicious oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical. As well, these antioxidants are known to avoid oxygen-based damage to fats, such as fats that includes extensive part of the brain cells or neurons.

Plum or prunes is effective against Cancer Cells:

Some studies conducted under the medical Science indicate as if Plum is effective against cancer. It hasPlum or prunes against Breast Cancer Cells its effectiveness against cancer cells especially against breast, gastrointestinal and respiratory tract cancers.

A reddish pigment in the fruit, Anthocyanins protects the person against cancer by eliminating the free radicals. However, the Vitamin-A present in the fruit fights against oral and cavity cancer.

Increases the bone strength:

Plum or prunes helps Increase the bone strengthIf you have liking for Plum or prunes, then you should have them in great quantities. The fruit is a lot beneficial for your bones and by having them in greater ratio; you are working great for your bones.

As one another benefit, you can avoid Osteoporosis by including plum in your diet. Researches indicate Plum helps increase the bone density. In addition, the fruit strengthen the bones such that one can avoid bone fractures with average injuries.

How Plum or prunes helps maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels?

Plums have potassium that is a significant cell constituent and of body fluids. It helps in controlling heartPlum helps maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels rate as well as the blood pressure. Moreover, the fruit helps avoid platelet clotting which may perhaps result in atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease. Lastly, it helps person maintain a healthy blood pressure.

What is its role against the world wide spread Diabetes?

Role of Plum against the world wide spread DiabetesPlums make use of the anti-hypoglycemic effects and thus are quite beneficial against diabetes. Medical Science has revealed the truth as per which the consumption of plum extracts helps in reduction of blood glucose and reduction in the levels of triglyceride within the body. The flavonoids available in plums use defensive effects against insulin resistance. It helps with the improvement of insulin sensitivity within the body.

Plum helps with the Weight reduction:

It removes toxins and prevents constipation, leading to weight loss naturally. Plum is rich in fiber and Plum helps with the Weight reductionantioxidants. It helps with the proper digestion and superior metabolism. It contains citric acid, which checks tiredness and cramps. Besides, it helps improve liver and gastrointestinal function. Hence, eating plums or drinking plum juice on a regular basis will assist you drop those extra kilos without trouble.

What type of help Plums or prunes provide during the Pregnancy period?

Plums or prunes help a lot during the Pregnancy periodPlums and its related products are very well helpful during the pregnancy phase. The fruit has several vitamins and minerals hidden inside it. These health advantageous components are essential for eye-sight, bones developments and tissues as well as boosting cellular health of the mother and the baby. The fiber content helps in preventing constipation and improves digestion. If you are going to add plums as a part of your balanced diet, it will surely help you in fighting a variety of infections and maintains health.

Along came the Side Effects:

Although, Plum or prunes are a nutrient-rich, body friendly fruits with numerous Overeating plums can cause the kidney stone problemhealth and medicinal benefits, then to there are some side effects of eating large amounts of plums as well. Plums are among the foods that contain considerable amount of physically occurring oxalates, which may perhaps be the cause for kidney stones.

When you eat too many plums, the oxalate levels may turn out to be huge. This obstructs the absorption of calcium in the body and as a result calcium begins to precipitate in the kidneys. Eventually, this may well be the cause for the formation of small or even large stones in the kidneys and the bladder.