“Early to Bed & Early to Rise as well, a good sleep makes you Healthy & Wealthy.”

Often older people at our homes advise us to sleep on time and further on get up early too. Believe me; why should you get up early in the morningyou should not take these advises lightly. In fact, medical science too advocates the habit of good sleep. Let’s find why?

Since our childhood we have been asked to go early to the bed as well as to get up early in the morning. However, there are many of us who have always failed when it comes to adopting such a habit. Unless we have to do some work or to go to some place, we aren’t in any hurry to wake up.

We like sleeping late in the night and then after getting up late in the morning. Besides, we proudly consider this kind of lifestyle as the most advanced and quite suitable for us.Good Sleep, Early to Bed & Early to Rise makes Healthy

Time and again, we plan to get up early in the morning; however fails to achieve the goal. The habit has a negative effect on our health, although we keep on thinking that one or the day we will be able to get up early. Hoping for that future where we’ll be able to see the sunrise (dawn), months and even years passes. Though, the habit doesn’t changes.

“Good Sleep is the most important part of healing.”
“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

If you understand the above quotes, you’ll probably understand the importance of good sleep. As well as, you’ll recognize why sleeping timely at night and getting up early in the morning is healthy, which should adopt.

insomnia and sleeplessnessMoreover, for the people who sleeps timely and furthermore gets up timely, the routine adjusts accordingly. This type of ideal routine helps them fight sleeplessness or insomnia. Taking good sleep at night recharges the brain and helps it work in a better way, throughout the next day.

Morning exercise helps you start your day efficiently. Thus, you don’t have to manage extra time for the daily exercising from your daily schedule. You feel energized and enthusiastic when you add this habit of early wake up and sleeping in your routine. As well as, you feel healthy and cheerful.

What are the benefits of Getting up early in the morning?

The people who wake up early in the morning gets chance to take their nutritious breakfast peacefully, prior to starting our daily chores. You remain happy and feel healthy throughout the day as a positive benefit. On the contrary end, if you are not taking proper and good sleep, you will experience a lazy day.

In Ayurveda, early morning air is considered as nectar. It is said, the person who adopts the habit of morning walk- good for healthmorning walk lives a healthy life. Early morning walk increases the person’s stamina as well as provides incredible energy to the body. The time is good for studies and learning too. If children adopts the habit to get up early and study during this time, they surely gain more than in anytime during the day. As well, the habit helps with his/her physical & mental development.

Apart from the benefits stated earlier in the above paragraphs, getting up early in the morning helps someone maintain his/her attractiveness, vigor, brain and moreover the strength.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you intelligent and rich.

The ancient medical science as well as the modern medical science, both advocates the above quote. Thus, the complete medical science advocates early rise and early sleeping principle.

good sleep- early to bed and early to wake up- work with enthusiasmAs per some health professional and writer, the person who wakes up early in the morning is more capable to complete his/her entire tasks of the day in comparison to those who wakes up late.

A positive change is encountered in the person’s behavior. Besides, he/she takes every task with interest; hence they complete each task in a better way. The thinking power enhances in people like these and they thinking power increases.

To put it briefly, each of us should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Thus everyone should pursue the habit of a good sleep.