great love for dancingAppreciation works in a magical way. Especially in the case of children, it helps them gain self-confidence. Then again, it motivates them to work hard and complete all the given tasks with passion. This type of positive attitude towards the little-little problems makes them prepared for the original bigger problems of the future.”

Trisha is a little girl of age 7. She has a great love for dancing. Time and again, she shows her mother the dancing steps she has learned at school.  Her mother who is a doctor by profession loves to see her dance.

Recently, she participated in a local dance competition arranged by a media group. She was awarded the 1st prize under “Kids” category. Her dance performance was so good that the judges even compared her talent with the 14-15 years.

Of course, the little one wasn’t a born dancer, nor her parents sent her to some great dance school. You’ll probably never believe me when I say it was her mother’s appreciation that made her passionate towards a goal which was

“To become a Good Dancer

As of today, she is learning dance under some great dance teachers at a reputable local dance school.

By now, you may well have realized the importance of appreciation. For kids, it can work in a magical way. It helps them enhance their inner talents as well as gain self-confidence.

What Child Psychologists have to say:

Child Psychologists supports the fact according to which children love to get appreciatedChild Psychologists supports the fact according to which children love appreciation. They turn positive in their life, thinking that they have done something extraordinary. The acquired self-confidence makes them strong mentally, which on the other hand helps them make important decisions in their future.

On the contrary, when a kid is unsure about the job he/she has performed, she/he fails perfection.

Appreciate and encourage honestly:

Your little one learns something daily, either at school or at home. He/she tries to implement those little-little things in their daily activities. Though, they don’t get assured with their performance until they are told so. They want someone, especially their parents and teachers to assure that they have done something remarkable.

However, the appreciation should be for positive and creative works. For appreciation should be for positive and creative worksinstance, if your kid has got into a fight while playing or at school, he/she must not be praised. For sure, you must not want him/her turn undisciplined or depraved.

You must openly and honestly praise him/her for their creativeness. Your honest reviews about their little jobs can make them a better person in their future.

Appreciation can make my kid sniffy or stiff-necked:

There are parents who have a viewpoint that their appreciation might make their kids stiff-necked in the future. This type of thinking is extremely illogical. As per child psychologists, children who didn’t get the chance to prove themselves in their young turn out to be proud and irritated in the future. They adopt a rebellious attitude to make them look different from other kids.

Appreciation can make my kid sniffy or stiff-neckedOther than these parents, there are those who think appreciation should be done when the kid attains expertise in any specific field. In this context, the first thing they must understand is that gaining expertise in any field is an extensive process. It takes a long time for someone to gain experience in a particular field.

Whatsoever the field no one in the world, scientists to artists has ever claimed that they have achieved everything in their respective field. Instead, they believe they are in the continuous phase of learning.

Thus, you must honestly praise your kid for his/her efforts. This will encourage them to work harder for their future assignments.

Far-reaching effects:

Appreciation and encouragement- Far-reaching effectsRemember, your appreciation or criticism can have positive or negative effects on your kid’s personality in the long run. Listening to your appreciation of a job, he/she tries to express many of their inner talents. On the contrary, when you criticize him/her or find mistakes in their work, a feeling of inferiority complex develops inside them. It suppresses the inner talent of the child and hurts their confidence.

Pay Attention:

It is true that in the case of appreciation you should not be skeptical however, it should also be noted that excess of anything is harmful. It’s important that you appreciate the good work of your child, but you need to avoid the excess of it. With so much praise, they start feeling a specific kind of stress on themselves. These situations may possibly affect his/her behavior and make him/her uncouth.

Generally, a child should always be appreciated according to his/her age and Appreciate your kid for participationin terms of his/her qualification. Apart from that, you must not compare him/her with any other kid. You must be careful with your tone when you are appreciating the child.

Whenever you praise your child keep in mind you must be clear with the reason for appreciation. For example, there are times when your kid participates in any competition at school, you must encourage them, praise them for their efforts.

Doesn’t matter he/she fails in bringing back the trophy or prize, you must appreciate him/her, even for participating.

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