If you are affected with Excessive Sweating & Body Odor then you will be looking for a way to get rid Excessive Sweating & Body Odorfrom the problem. Although, we need to get ourselves familiarized with a fact. As per which sweating is
one significant process of our body functions. If you didn’t sweat then your body would not be able to get rid of too much moisture.

What’s the cause for excessive sweating & body odor?

Excessive sweating is one of the effects of over sensitive nervous system. The process can affect a number of body parts or at times a few of them. General body parts affected are underarms, head, genitals, face, feel and palms.

Then again, the bad body odor develops when sweat gets contaminated with bacteria. The sweat that comes out from the underarms has a quantity of proteins and fatty acids that draws bacteria. This is the explanation for why underarms produce really disgusting odor.

Here are a number of easy steps that can help you get free from excessive sweating & body odor:

Choice of Garments:

Primarily, selection of clothes/outfits should be done considering the local climate of the region. This Choice of Seasonal Garments- helpful against sweating and foul smell habit helps one avoid the foul smell created due to the sweat problem, leading to a healthy skin and life. Cotton and linen made clothes are ideal for the summer season. The material doesn’t stick up with the body (skin).

At the same time, wearing such clothes helps hair pores receive enough quantity of air.

On the other hand, synthetic clothes stick to the body and create a barrier for the air to pass, which makes it difficult for the pores to breathe in fresh air. The affected skin gets dehydrated. Thus, its important for you to avoid these kinds of clothing material, specially in summers.

Also in this case there is an increase in sweat flow which on the other hand increases the foul smell. Apart from this, one should wear fresh and neat-clean clothes daily. Dirty clothes increase the rate of foul smell. Thus its important to change the outer clothes and the inner wears daily.

Bathing is essential:

A great method and quite conventional one to fight against Excessive Sweating & Body Odor problem is Bathing. Sweating enhances the rate of bacteria on ones’ body, leading to foul smell. Bathing removes Bathing is essential against sweating and foul smellthe germs collected on the skin as well maintains the freshness of the body. Some people have a busy work schedule and tedious lifestyle.

Then again, there are some people who naturally sweat a lot. Such people need to bathe twice daily. Sticking to deodorants against the foul smell of sweat isn’t an adequate solution.

As well, in this kind of weather skin needs water in large quantity. Bathing twice daily keeps the body germ free and decreases the foul smell too. This method is ideal and will keep you “Smell Free”.

Household or domestic methods to keep away the bad body odor:
  1. One tablespoon vinegar mixed with a spoon alcohol applied in underarms, a few minutes before bathing helps control the bad smell of underarms.
  2. Boil Neem leaves in water and mix in with bathing water. Using this water for bathing is good as well ideal against sweat smell. Moreover, this water is supreme solution against fungal infection.
  3. Few drops of Gulab Jal (Rose Water), Kewra (an extract distilled from the flower of the pandanus plant), or Rosemary oil added to the bathing water is an excellent option. This will add fragrance to the body and will also maintain it too. The foul smell of sweat will be gone for many hours.
Facts related to Excessive Sweating & Body Odor:
  1. An adult body contains nearly 2 lakh sweat glands approx. These helps in balancing body’s internal temperature.
  2. Foul smell is not because of the sweat. The bacteria grown on this sweat is totally responsible for Facts related to sweating- Is Anti-perspirants safe for health the bad smell.
  3. As per the report issued by CERAS, in some cases deodorants can create a feel of itching and irritation on the skin.
  4. American Cancer Society states that “Anti-perspirants” are quite more harmful in comparison to the deodorants. Anti-perspirants restricts or minimizes the sweat flow. As a result, body fails to release toxins in outer atmosphere. This condition can even lead one to “Cancer”.


Additional Data or Benefits:

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