Say “NO” to Refrigerated water:

Whenever you take cold food items or take cold drinks, your body has to suffer a lot. The body has to do say no to refrigerated or cold watersome extra work for maintaining the internal body temperature. In this process, it loses a great amount of energy. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medical Science considers cold water as ‘gloomy’, which makes the stomach cold. This internal organ is connected to various other internal organs. This cold temperature passes on ill effects on these other organs.

As to bring back the temperature to neutral, stomach has to exhaust up a lot of energy. Due to this, blood has to rush to the stomach as to provide it the energy, leaving the path to those organs that needed the blood and energy at the first place.

In a nut shell, Ayurvedic medical Science states that the refrigerated water indirectly is responsible for the improper functioning of some internal organs. As an outcome, the person can suffer from ill effects like Paralysis, Heart Attack, Brain Hemorrhage or multiple others. On the other hand, water from an earthen pot provides body with a limited amount of coldness, suitable as per the inner body temperature.

Changing the topic, if we talk about salt, in our day, market is filled with Iodized salt packets of various companies. However, the iodine content of the packet gets evaporated, soon after the packet is opened. Yet again, if you want to have iodine enriched diet, you can get it from vegetables and fruits too.

Beans, Carrot, Tomato and Kelp etc are some food items that are good source of iodine. Then again, the water in the mountain lacks iodine, but the local vegetables contain iodine in excess.

Wrong Combinations of Food as stated by Ayurvedic medical Science:

Food Wrong CombinationsAyurvedic medical Science has a specific word for wrong food combinations, which is ‘conflicting diet’. One big example is ‘Dahi Bada’. Actually it is a mixture of plant protein and animal protein. This type of irregular combination makes it a harmful foodstuff. Seasoning the pulses (dal) in the presence of spices turns it into a digestible item. However, amid pulses category there is a pulse ‘Urad’ which is less digestible to most people.

‘Dahi Bada’ made using this dal can increase ones blood pressure by 22-25 percent. Obviously, in taking these kind of foodstuffs on a regular basis can’t be good for ones health.

A few other bad combinations or unhealthy combinations include Milk with Onion, Milk with salt, sour taste fruits, jack fruit, honey and curd. Milk forms a good and healthy combination with sweet fruits, but on the other hand forms a harmful combination when combined with sour taste fruits. Amla (gooseberry) is one sour fruit that doesn’t have any harmful effect on the host body; instead it has its positive effects.

You should not eat fruits in Lunch or dinner. Fruits are easily digestible. Thus you should eat them half orshould not eat fruits in Lunch or dinner one hour before the lunch or dinner time. If you just had a heavy lunch or dinner, then it’s better for you to have fruits 8-10 hours later to the very time. Having the fruits in the morning is finest.


The vitamins and minerals available with the green leafy vegetables can dissolve in the water during washing. Thus, these raw vegetables and other food items should be washed before cutting them. As well, cooking should be done in closed utensils.

Then again, ayurveda advises you not to cook these vegetables with lemon or tamarind as a constituent. These two items can well decrease the effectiveness of the vegetables.