Every person has got gas problems and passing the later is not a disease. This is so until this doesn’t combine with stomach pain and swelling. Acidity And Gas problem occurs due to improper digestion. Sometime, it grows to be the worst of the problems in social gatherings etc.

The problem basically has three faces or can be distributed into three of the types:

  1. Belching (Dakaar) or Aero phase
  2. Fart problem (Gas Passing)
  3. Gas causing cramping and pain in stomach

There are versatile reasons leading to the problem and so are their solutions. Present way of life has caused a great declination in ones physical activities, liveliness. At the same time, the alterations in ones eating habits and eating time has affected him a great deal.

what causes intestinal gas and acidityImproper or wrong diet creates gas in a body. On the other hand, there are certain daily habits which encourage acidity and gas. According to some research, a normal person releases gas approximately for about 20 times a day.

At the same time, if the gas problem persists for long and creates agitation in stomach, it is must to be treated. The problem is due to the excessive formation of gas in stomach. In the absence of proper medical treatment, the problems can multiple themselves in the form of “Stomach Ulcer” etc. The prime cause leading to the problem is excessive consumption of spicy food items. These types of food items develop acidity or gas in oneself.

Much of the times, normal or nutrition enriched food in excessive form or inappropriate form can be the cause of the problem too. Now is the time to pay attention to some of the factors leading to acidity problem? This research will help you identify the various acidity and gas related problems.

Gulping Water Hastily:

As everyone knows, drinking water is essential for good health. Yet it is necessary to be noticed that in taking of water is not done in a hastily manner. The water should be gulped one sip after other. Drinking water in haste increases the concentration of air in stomach, and finally creates gas in stomach.

Fruits-Veggies are responsible:

It might seem odd but fruits like Apple, Grape, or Watermelon as well as vegetables like Peas, Cauliflower etc cause gas. Also, excessive amount of soups or salads affects digestive system. This canFruits-Veggies causing acidity and gas satisfy a person’s hunger, however negatively affects the digestive system and it starts behaving lazy.

Consequently, everything points to a single direction i.e. gas (acidity). Most of the food items mentioned in above sentences contain fructose in excessive amount, which is an indigestible substance for the small intestine.

As a result, excessive intake of these food items can cause problems like stomach pain, gas or even diarrhea.

Too much Sugar – an invitation for acidity and gas:

Sugar in a limited and balanced amount is considered as a gift to health. On the contrary end, excessive consumption of sugary products gives rise to intestinal bacteria which are of course ugly for health.

During the fermentation process, bacteria consume a great deal of sugar which increases gas in stomach.

Fiber – a big reason:

In taking, enormous amount of fibrous food items in continuous and in quick intervals can give rise to acidity and gas problems or cramping in stomach. Actually, a diet should contain a little fiber but a lot of water.
As well, there are few other food items like kidney beans, certain pulses, grams and peas which are directly responsible for problems like gas and sometimes stomach ache.

Similar to these food items, there are many other items which are dearest to one’s tongue and heart. Quitting these on a longer run is like a nightmare to them.

In this situation, person can add mint tea in his/her beverage list. Believe it, the fluid is pretty beneficial, as it may well improve digestion and certainly reduces the problems associated to gas.

Again, I want to advise everyone to minimize the consumption of above stated items or their associated relatives. This fresh habit can be much beneficial for you.

Doing Breakfast/Brunch in haste:

“Haste makes waste”

It is an old saying and quite suitable in this situation. As we all know, a healthy breakfast/brunch or evening tea snack plays a good role in a person’s daily routine. It’s more like a habit. Besides, in taking food items in haste can be dangerous and harmful.

don't take breakfast or brunch in hasteAgain, it is important to make a balance between the meals plus intake food in right quantity. Ignoring the precautions and following an improper diet plan can be hazardous. Actually, a lot of air gets inside person’s stomach with the food, ultimately causing gas trouble.

Thus, it is important that a person adopts the habit of getting up early in the morning. Then after, he/she should get breakfast calmly and on time.

Always there is a situation where someone is getting late for school, college or office in the morning. As a result, he/she is compelled to take breakfast in a hurry. Agreed… one should not sacrifice his/her school, college or office time for breakfast. Yet, I would like to suggest them that they should not ignore their breakfast time, else should manage some time for it. Most importantly, they should never take breakfast in a hurry.

Children going to school or young cool college guys should try to manage at least some of their time for breakfast. On the other hand, office going adults should manage some time at their office for breakfast. All total, eating shouldn’t be carried out in a hasty manner.

Harmful Packaged Foodstuffs:

Packaged food items or the frozen items available in the market can be months old. In taking old food Harmful Packaged Food causes gasitems can start off gas in stomach. Thus, before buying any food item, the manufacturing date is must
to be checked. Very old packed items should be avoided. Junk Food and packed food is must to be avoided.

Milk can be a reason:

Those people who are dealing with problems like acidity and gas are also sensitive to milk. As for these people, milk can be a reason for gas.

Milk can be a reason for gasWe all know milk is a health treasure as it contains nearly every of the nutrients which are needed by a person for good health. Then to, people affected with gas related problems shouldn’t go for it. This creates a feel of uneasiness in them.

As to fulfill the nutrient requirement for the body, they should take curd or some other milk products. Curd is a faster digestive item in comparison to milk. Hence, it fully satisfies the nutrient hunger for the body, as well is digestible.