Identifying Sinusitis:

Identifying Sinusitis problemWith the technological boom and advancements in the field of science, diagnosing Sinusitis is getting quite easy. If the patient makes his/her doctor aware with the complete medical history, it would be quite easy for the doctor to identify the Sinusitis problem. Nasal Endoscopy is a medical technique for identifying the Sinusitis problem. On the other hand, the hospitals which lack this Endoscopy facility, uses Telescope or Headlight as the methods for diagnosing.

It’s Cure:

Nasal Washing or washing the nose with water is a ‘First Line’ treatment. Nasal Sinusitis problem Nasal Washing- neti potSpray is a successful option against the Sinusitis problem. Furthermore, the spray has proved to be much helpful as a cure. The majority people using the technique have expressed great satisfaction.

On the other hand, if someone is suffering from Bacterial Sinusitis, he/she should take Anti-Biotic medicines. In our day, medical sector has advanced much and as a result medicine markets are available with many Generic medicines. These medicines are much effective as a cure; in addition they are pocket friendly too.

Household Prescriptions:

To avoid Sinusitis, one can go for some household techniques or prescriptions. One such method is inhaling the steam. Apart from this solution, nasal washing or “Jala Neti” process is quite effective consultation with a doctor because of sinusitis problemagainst the problem. If a person employs these techniques in the very start of the problem or even more earlier, then it can be a lot beneficial. These methods will never let the disease to grow.

On the contrary end, if the problem has turned worst and there is an increase in pain, the household precautions cannot be helpful. At this stage, the person should at once consult an ENT doctor.

Operation-Not the only solution:

There is however a misconception related to Sinusitis. The misconception is as if the sole solution to the problem is ‘Operation’. It isn’t true. However, the operation becomes essential in a few situations. Then again, operation is not a solution for ‘Allergic Sinusitis’. Thus, consulting a doctor in the initial phase of disease is beneficial. At this phase, the problem can be controlled with the use of medicines.

Moreover, if your condition is eligible to be operated, then operation is done. Again, operation is not a serious issue. It takes around 1 to 2 hours only. In our time, technology has changed a lot and has made everything easy. The advanced techniques has made the operation an easier one and furthermore a hit. As a sign of relief, there isn’t any kind of tear or cut marks made on the outer surface of the nose. Thus, there isn’t any mark or spot on the nose after the operation.

Points to considered:

Asthma problem for a longer time can cause sinusitisIf a person is suffering from some kind of allergy, extreme cold or sneezing is bad, someone in his/her family has a past or currently suffering from Asthma or his/her viral fever is taking more than 1 week. In all of these cases, the person should consult a doctor on an immediate basis.

Some Vital Points related to the Sinusitis problem:
  1. The feeling of irritation/burning sensation in sinus is actually Sinusitis.
  2. The rapidly increasing pollution level in the atmosphere is responsible for the rise in Sinusitis problems and cases.
  3. Sinusitis problem can be identified under following four types:
  • Viral Sinusitis
  • Fungal Sinusitis
  • Bacterial Sinusitis
  • Allergic Sinusitis
  1. Among these four, Allergic Sinusitis is the common problem for nearly 70% of Sinus patients.
  2. The problem of Sinusitis can be hereditary too.
  3. As well the prime targets for the disease are those people who suffer with weak immunity.
  4. Operation isn’t an actual or effective solution in the case of Allergic Sinusitis.
  5. Yoga and “Jal Neti” are the methods which can minimize the effects of Sinusitis. If acted in the initial phase of the problem, the person can even avoid the problem.

sinusitis problem and solutions

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