Effect of Hygiene or cleanliness on personality“Doesn’t matter if we are talking about our personal hygiene or about the hygiene of our house, cleanliness or hygiene is must for us all? It is since habit of cleanliness or hygiene helps you stay strong against Infections. As an encouraging effect, you remain positive plus you observe a beneficial change in your personality.”
Hygiene or cleanliness is one subject which is directly related to our health. Personal hygiene directly affects your personality. More like the food you eat, clothes you wear and sound sleep has effect on your body, cleanliness has its effect too. Cleanliness & Hygiene are important for you as well. The following points can make you understand the truth in a better way.

Effect of cleanliness & hygiene on personality:

Our self confidence helps us to fight every situation in our life. Thus, you will agree when I say positive Lack of Cleanliness & hygiene reduces Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence is needed by us in every phase of our life. Personal Hygiene is a lot helpful with your confidence. If you follow a hygienic and pure life, you will observe a change in your personality. Your habit of cleanliness helps you improve your social status and people respect you.

For instance, you have a taste for designer clothes as well as you wear all rich clothes. While on the other hand, you have unclean hair, nail and foot. Do you think your clothes will impart any positive effect on the people around you? I don’t think so and you may agree too. Untidiness in your physical appearance may definitely spoil your personality. The charm of your clothes will die out. Clearly speaking none spends their value time with dirty and infected people.

Don’t risk your health: Your life matters

work on your personal hygiene as well as keep your surrounding cleanPeople living in dirty and unclean places appear to be unhealthy & infected. Then again, if you really want to escape the related infections or diseases, you must work on your cleanliness and hygiene. It is important that you keep your personal hygiene as well as your surrounding clean. This kind of habit is significant if you want to maintain your health. Furthermore, it helps you improve your body’s immunity.

Diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhea or Dysentery etc are caused due to person’s unhygienic behavior. Thus, it’s better for everyone to stay alert and adopt the habit of cleanliness. You should encourage people around you with healthy activities like washing hands with soap before & after eating, cleaning hair and nails by cutting them regularly as well as rinsing the mouth properly with water, equally brushing the teeth. Likewise, you can avoid many diseases if you take care of your personal hygiene.

Why you should care about Physical cleanliness or Personal Hygiene?

In the world where everyone is running for some or the other thing, you cannot stay behind. You need to go out of your nest and face the hardships of the world. It is necessary and you can’t avoid it, since working with the outer world makes you capable to face your daily necessities.

Question is- What’s your plan against the germs and infections produced by them?

Solution to the problem is ‘Bathing’. Bathing is the most effective method to keep your body clean. It is Bathing most effective method to keep your body cleanalso your best defense against the army of germs which you face every day, when you go out. On the contrary end where you are not taking bath every day, you are surely risking your health. It is as if you are writing a formal invitation for a disease. Then again, brushing twice a day with good toothpaste is important. You should as well use a good quality anti bacterial mouth wash to rinse up your mouth.

Other than the above points, it is important for the parents to motivate their kids for hygiene. They should grow a couple of good habits in them. For instance, they should wash their hands before/after lunch or dinner, as well as should wash their hands properly after using the wash-room. Some people lack the habit of washing their hands every now and then. They forget to wash their hands after using the washroom. Furthermore, they take their food with the dirty hands. Believe me or not, this habit can make them very-very ill. On top of, this bad habit can at times be a cause for the person’s death.

Situations where the habit of hand washing really pays off:

There are various situations in our daily life where cleanliness & hygiene matters most. For instance, if wash your hands properly after using washroom, after sneezing or coughingyou are going to cook then it’s necessary for you to wash your hands with soap, prior to touching anything there in the kitchen. Beside this activity, you should wash your hands properly after using washroom, after sneezing or coughing and after touching the garbage or garbage bin.

It is important that you take a sanitizer with you, wherever possible. At places where you could not find soap & water, use the sanitizer on your hands. On your trips, use sealed pack mineral water else you can get ill. The unpacked polluted water can affect your health; in addition you may get affected with one or the other disease. Similarly, use clean water for washing fruits and other vegetables.

Learn about the Psychological advantages associated to cleanliness & hygiene:

cleanliness & hygiene such as washing hands, cleaning hair and brushing teeth The person who cares for his/her cleanliness senses more internal confidence. Especially, these people are comfortable in solving their social problems and can handle harsh situations perfectly. As a result, their prospects of success at their workplace or in other places grow a lot. Thus, adopting one or two healthy habits may well help you feel better and for sure help you avoid diseases.

Few of the personal habits related to cleanliness & hygiene such as washing hands, cleaning hair and brushing teeth etc destroys the diseases causing bacteria. The habit provides physical benefits to the body as well as provides mental benefits too.