You may have noticed that some children are better than average in studies, whereas there are some who are relatively slow. These slow kids take a lot of time to understand a topic. Why are these children, slow learners? Why do they often fail to understand a topic and learn it after spending numerous hours? Doesn’t matter how much you scold him/her, punish them, the grades are not going to increase. Actually, the problem your kid is facing is called “Learning Disability” which most parents fail to identify.

My Kid is Naughty!

Agreed! Some kids are naughty. The children’s carelessness towards studies is well known. Most of Naughty Kidthem are forever ready with an explanation as soon as you ask them to study. However, whenever they sit down to read, they can learn the given chapters in the shortest possible time.

Other than these children, there are several kids who fail to remember the previously learned subject. At the same time, they face trouble in reading, writing, and counting, etc.

Compared to their clever classmates, they consider late any subject matter or take too much time to understand it.

They fail to stay attentive towards studies; then again parents consider it as an act of carelessness and scold them all the time. Unfortunately, they are unaware that their child is suffering from learning disability.

Is the child empty-headed or slow?

Learning disability in the childIf there is a learning disability in the child, it doesn’t mean that he/she will not be smarter than the other children. On the contrary, such children may be smarter than other children of their age.

However, in the traditional way of learning in school, such children may face difficulty in reading, writing, speaking, expressing, understanding or recalling memorized topics.

If you suspect that your child is also going through such a problem, then you should get yourself prepared with the details.

How to identify the problem:
  • The child may possibly experience trouble reading fluently. Most probably, he/she may complain to you about the trouble listening to speech sounds. As well as, they may also complain about their difficulty in pronouncing the words properly.
  • In comparison to other kids of his/her age, the child probably is failing to develop his/her vocabulary properly or may be making a lot of spelling mistakes.
  • The child could face difficulties in recognizing sides, shapes, and colors. Other than that, the kid tries to avoid meeting other kids or talking to them.
  • Having trouble understanding the instructions whether it is written or verbal. At the same time, they may face difficulty in doing oral or written calculations.
  • He/she may face trouble putting buttons or tying shoelaces.

Awareness is necessary:

There can be situations where the child fails to perform better in comparison to other children of his/her Parental Awareness is necessaryage. In these situations, the learning difficulties should not be considered as a child’s failure.
Learning Disability can be of multiple types, however neither can be a big hurdle on the road of success in life.

You can take the example of Albert Einstein and Walt Disney who had trouble reading. I suppose millions of people around know these names.

Weren’t they successful?
If parents behave patiently and sensibly, the problem of such children can be controlled to a great extent.

Instead of criticizing the child for weakness, help him/her recognize their inner strength.

Secondly, you must never compare your kid with other kids. Your habit of comparing him/her with others can destroy their confidence and grow a feeling of inferiority in them.
You must not scold them every time as it shatters their self-confidence and can make them depressed. Instead of scolding them every time, you must support them and explain things in a polite manner.

Prepare a Method for Teaching:

Talk to his/her teacher and together design a method to easily teach your kid. Still, you must not load him/her with your too much expectation.

Try to identify some ways you can help your kid learn easily and fast. You may possibly face a lot of problems though you must keep your attitude positive.

Parental Support is essential for the KidAs a parent, it’s your responsibility to make your child aware and to try increasing his morale.

Never lose your patience and keep confidence in him/her. Your aim should be to create a sense of belief in him/her.

Keep the child’s support system strong, appreciate him/ her for various given tasks so that they sense self-confidence can freely ask for help.

Lastly, I want to end saying that the good performance of children in studies is important, but it cannot be the ultimate goal. Instead, your goal should be to give him/her a happy life full of satisfaction.