“Immense heat of Sun, hotness, sweat…. It’s Summer time.”

Summer and sweatAll total, these factors leads to the growth of bacteria and various other diseases. So it’s essential for everyone to take in some good habits and adopt some easy ways as to avoid various diseases plus eliminate the disease causing microorganisms. If someone desires for a Germ Free Summer, he/she has to follow such habits.

During our daily routine, we go to various places, for instance adults goes to offices, whereas kids go to school. Whatever the place we go or our dear ones go, they bring one common thing back home, which is microorganisms. These microorganisms have many deadly weapons which are harmful for ones health. They may be the cause  for a lot of deadly diseases in humans.

What are the effects of these deadly weapons on us?

Using these weapons of theirs, they can make us ill, very-very ill. Some of these microscopic creatures Diarrhea, Cholera, Food poison, Conjunctivitiscan even cause serious damage to us in the form of Diarrhea, Cholera, Food poison, Conjunctivitis (pink eye) etc.

These germs are not visible to naked eye, and at the same time these things are capable of making its carrier as well his/her surrounding atmosphere sick. Often, people believe that if they will cover their face and body or if they are using masks while going outside, they can avoid germs.

Even repeating the habit of washing the face, hands every time after returning home can result ineffective. If someone has delusion with the before stated statement, he/she should think again.

Check your eating habits:

use refrigerator to prevent food contamination and rottingIn the summer months, the bacteria and germs can be the cause for contamination in food. Diseases caused due to the presence of bacteria get mixed in with eating vegetables, food items, drinking water if handled with dirty hands. People think that by storing raw vegetables in the refrigerator, they will be able to save them against contamination.

On the contrary end, the fact is one uses the refrigerator several times in a day. Most importantly, a couple of times the hands are unhygienic when he/she uses the fridge. The veggies and fruits or other eatable items kept in the refrigerator gets infected with the bacteria, when the person’s touches them.

In the absence of cautiousness against germs, and moreover these activities can lead the person towards diseases such as Diarrhea, Typhoid, Hepatitis (A & B), Jaundice etc. Therefore, whenever you eat food or cook, you must wash your hands properly. The number of times, you have to touch or handle food items, each time you must wash your hands before even touching it.

Using Hotels:

Often during summer months, people prefer eating or like to order food using home delivery from nearby check for the hotel room's cleanlinesshotels. People hesitate to cook food at home. Primarily, I will not suggest you to eat outside or have fast food every so often. It is significant that you don’t make it a habit. On the other hand, occasionally going outside and having lunch or dinner isn’t bad for health at all.

However, there are certain points which are vital and should be followed by everyone before picking a restaurant or hotel. Initially, if you doubt a restaurant for its cleanliness quality, you should directly take it out from your list.

The hotel or restaurant should be deselected irrespective of its name & fame. Then again, if you are at a restaurant for an occasional meal, then it’s important that you search for a place where you can wash your hands before eating.check the utensils' cleanliness at restaurants and hotels

You should go and have a word with the hotel staff. Ask them about the cleanliness of the utensils used with cooking & then after used for food serving.

Beware! Don’t eat outside at open trolleys or at some unhygienic shop.

Be careful with water:

In summer, water is one biggest necessity for every living organism including human beings. Also, there have mineral-filtered water or boil the drinking wateris a great need for water as usage increases considerably. Also, it is fact that in this season bacteria and viruses affects the water greatly. Thus, it is important for someone to be alert with the quality of drinking water. ‘Filtered Water’ is a great solution and thus drinking filtered water is most health favorable.

There can be places where you cannot find filtered water easily. Here, you should drink boiled water.