Monsoon season or the rainy season brings happiness and excitement with it. It has a special place in Monsoon or the rainy season brings happiness and joyone’s heart. During monsoon season, whilst tiny rain droplets fall to the ground, the sky gives a feeling of a mother who is shedding tears in happiness on meeting her dearly loved children after a long time. However, it seems like a fantasy, yet reveals the compassion that nature has showered by creating monsoon season for us to take pleasure in.

Monsoon brings happiness and excitement into our lives; then again it brings numerous health problems too. Still, you can enjoy this beautiful and lively season with your family, if you stay a little cautious.

Stay Cautious this Monsoon:

Stay health Cautious this MonsoonMonsoon has recently knocked our doors and so have the diseases of the season. Thus, it’s necessary for us to stay cautious against these health problems. As a precaution, you need to stay careful with the handling of food in this season. As this season is the most favorite one for a number of viruses and bacteria, thus it’s quite possible they infect your food. Eventually, a lot of diseases start to grow. You’ll never find a qualified doctor free during this time. Blood Test, Ultrasound and multiple tests starts to affect the monthly home budget.

Obviously, you’ll not like the diseases to affect your health or your family’s health. So, it’s important for each one of you in your family to understand the importance of cleanliness and safe handling of food during this season. The most common disease of this season is Gastroenteritis which is caused due to contaminated drinking water. Though, you may well get infected with the disease when you handle food in an unhygienic manner. The bacteria and viruses develop in the food when left in the open, uncovered. It’s vital that you keep the food covered and in the refrigerator.

Avoid market or street restaurant food:

Then again, you ought to avoid the fast food or junk food and sweets available in the market. These Avoid market or street restaurant fooditems are kept in the open and are often visited by flies and other insects. For your information, I must tell you these houseflies carry quite a lot of bacteria and viruses with them. These infectious agents may possibly be the cause for a number of health hazardous diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery. The food item gets contaminated when it comes in their contact. The season is also popular for a number of cases of intestinal infection, which are encountered during this season. Finally, I would like to suggest you to avoid such food items for a time being.

Some Points to Consider this Monsoon Season:
  • Include pulses and sprouted grains in your daily diet. You can have them in multiple recipes. You can have them in a salad, in a role, fill them in sandwich or make a soup even. Moral is, this particular food item or breakfast item contains a lot of protein and are nutritious. Besides, you are at minimal risk of getting infection with sprouted grains and pulses than the vegetables obtainable at the market. Pulses contain a lot more healthy elements except for proteins. It is rich in fiber, calcium and iron. Furthermore, when you take them in their sprouted form, they turn out to be far more nutritious.

  • Secondly, clean and wash the vegetables thoroughly before you are going to cook them. At the same time, you should wash and clean the raw vegetables and fruits, turn them dry before keeping them in the refrigerator.
  • Add a few harsh taste vegetables like the bitter gourd in your diet. You may well add herbs like fenugreek seed in certain food items. These food items or add-ons make you resistant against the seasonal infections.
  • Make sufficient food for yourself and your family. Try not to make extra food and afterwards preserve it in the refrigerator. Cook fresh for a healthy living.
  • Normally, people naturally reduce their daily water consumption in the monsoon months. Though, you need to understand that you need to drink adequate amount of water as to maintain your metabolism rate. As well, you should make a habit of drinking lukewarm water with Cumin seeds and tulsi leaves (Basil Leaves) in it. Drinking the mixture of the trio will make your immune system strong.

various diseases caused in the rainy season or monsoon

  • The homemade or domestically prepared vegetable soup a lot of nutrition as well as it is quite healthy. The soup is healthy and favorable for the body and you can have it in every season. Though, it has its particular importance in the monsoon season, since it strengthens your internal system against the outer harmful agents.
  • You may add Garlic paste or its crushed form in the soup. This kind of add-on enhances the quality of the soup as well helps your immune system deal with a lot of health problems.
  • You ought to add high fiber rich grains in your daily diet such as Dalia (Oatmeal), Ragi (finger millet), Bajra (Pearl millet) and coarse wheat etc. These items work as a complete food and surely satisfy your appetite. Besides, you will never feel like eating junk food.
  • You should drink green tea in the monsoon season. Since, green tea is a beverage rich in antioxidants, thus it is quite helpful against the problem of cough & cold.