Busy in our daily works, either at office or at homeWe live in a busy world. More or less, each of us is busy in our daily works, either at office or at home. I want to ask you what are you doing to keep your body fit & fine against the odds of our busy life? If you are free from diseases, it doesn’t mean you are entirely fit as well in shape. If you really want to stay fit and healthy you should take a balanced diet. Likewise, you should engage yourself in some physical activities and exercises. The habit of exercising daily, taking a balanced diet and having proper rest certainly provides you with physical & mental health.

A healthy body requires healthy and fresh food. Likewise, good sleep works as refreshment for the physical body parts. This plan works fine for almost everybody, don’t you think so? Even though the plan seems fine for the majority of us, it isn’t fully perfect. If you really want to keep yourself healthy, then you should include nutritious food in your diet plan, take a sound sleep as well as you should exercise regularly.

physical & mental health comes with exercising daily or doing yogaOur busy schedule doesn’t allow us do a lot of physical activities. Consequently, many people among us lose their activeness, besides turn obese and dull. Thus, it’s significant for everyone to stay in touch with yoga or even practice some quick exercises.

You might have an opinion as per which exercising has its benefits for the physical body parts. On the contrary, exercising daily or doing yoga possibly will provide you with physical & mental health.

Do you really desire for your physical & mental health?

If you really want to make a balance between your physical and mental health, then you should focus on yoga, meditation and a few other exercises. When you exercise your brain produces a hormone ‘Endorphin’ which is a stress remover. Consequently, you become positive towards your life.

When you exercise, new brain cells develop inside your brain, which on the other hand helps you with the physical activities like such as walking, swimming, cycling and aerobics is health essentialsmooth nervous system operations. You can try a few health friendly alternatives such as walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics etc. At the same time, you should get yourself attached to the nature. Get up early in the morning and do some yoga.

To keep yourself mentally fit and calm, you can read jokes and watch a number of comedy shows. Try to laugh as per as you can. The therapy will not cost you a penny or a buck; on the contrary it will help you retain your physical & mental health.

Why not try Morning Walk, the healthier & well accepted method?

The Morning WalkEvery cell, tissue and organ of our body requires fresh and sufficient oxygen for better functioning and to remain healthy as well. The finest way to fulfill this requirement is “Walking”. By walking I mean The Morning Walk. It’s the ideal exercise and is preferred by people since long-long time.

Some of us, especially our friends who have the habit to wake up late will put all the time before 12 noon in the AM or the morning category. Surprisingly for them, the time between 5 am to 7 am is ideal for the morning walk.

During this time, lungs collect fresh air which on the other hand provides the body with fresh energy and strength. At the same time, you don’t have to face a lot of traffic and pollution.

The only point you have to consider while walking is that you must not lean your back, instead you should walk straight with your back in upright position.

Walking is effective against obesity problem:

If you are managing morning walk for at least 30 minutes daily, you are losing your extra calories. Hence, morning walk against the obesity problemyou are defending yourself against the obesity problem. As well as your body gets filled with positive energy.

To end with, I would say “Health is something which comes with optimistic thinking.”