This is the time when the children are off from their studies. Of course it is “Summer Holidays”. After a One day outing, hikings and picnicyear of hectic schedule, now is the time when people are free to make plans for a hiking or outing. They make their visits to some picnic spots or a visit to some hill station or similar places etc. The point to be considered is, one should be cautious towards his/her health and of the family.

Time For Outing:

It is the time when a lot of families plan outings. It is advisable that you should stay alert with your cleanliness as well as of your group. Checking the food items, booking a safe and clean place to stay, looking over for the public transport etc is necessary.

Some people plan to take bath in some river, pond or any other water source. It is advisable for these people to take a bath again at their respective hotel. This thing is to be done as to keep away the germs as well as the infection. On the other hand, one should strictly try to avoid bathing in some open water source, if he/she has some open wound on body. The reason is, the still water sources contain bacteria. These bacteria can make the condition of your wound worse.

Don’t avoid Doctor:

consultation with a doctor is importantIn the months of summer, much like the outer body internal body cleanliness is essential too. In other words I want to explain that getting rid of the outer dust and mud particles by rinsing the outer body parts with water isn’t the one and only solution.

It is vital that everyone should adopt the habit of cleanliness. In the absence of this habit, one can easily fall into the claws of diseases. It is must that you and your family members eat fresh and clean food items. In addition, one should use a good anti-bacterial soap for bathing.

On the contrary end, if someone gets ill despite the good habits, he/she shouldn’t hesitate to meet a doctor. Avoiding a doctor in such situations isn’t advisable.

Expert Views:
  • As to avoid diseases, one should pay attention towards Internal & External cleanliness both. If avoid fast food like pizza or burgersomeone lacks the habit of cleanliness, he/she may invite many diseases. Bathe daily using a good anti-bacterial soap and pay proper attention to cleanliness.

Avoid eating stale and unhygienic food. Try to inquire about the freshness of the food prior to buying it from any outer store. Eat fresh. It is important that you wash your hands before eating.

Avoid crowd. If it’s not possible, cover your mouth & nose with a cloth or a mask. These habits collectively can help someone against diseases causing due to bacteria.

Concluding Facts:
1. Oral Diseases

• Diahorrea

• Jaundice

• Hepatitis A & B

2. Water or Air Borne Diseases

• Typhoid, Cold, Neck Infection

• Pneumonia

• Influenza (H-1 N-1)

Things to be done:
  1. Teeth and nails are worthy to be monitored on a regular basis.
  2. Try to take bath every time you return home from crowds and populated places.
  3. Wash your hands properly before and after eating.
  4. Cover your faces and body when going for outings.
Things to be avoided when going for an outing:
  1. In summer season, don’t repeat the clothes without washing them.
  2. Avoid eating outside, unless necessary. Check cleanliness of the food, utensils and of the hotel you are staying.