In multiple cases, smoking quitters experience a feel of anxiety and tension. Consequently, they restart smoking. As a matter of fact, if these people are ready to follow certain ideas and tips, we guarantee these suggestions can certainly help them declare a final “goodbye” to smoking. Quit Smoking as to get free from problems like Anxiety. On the hand, breast-feeding or pregnant woman should not engage themselves in such activities.

Say NO to Smoking- Smoking Kills- Quit SmokingSmoking leads to many dangerous diseases. It destroys the lungs plus increases the chances of deadly diseases like TB or Cancer. “Saying NO to Smoking” isn’t that much difficult, yet most people see it as an impossible task. Actually, the habit can be overcome if you are determined and your will is strong.

Some people find themselves in a state of tension or depression after quitting Nargileh (Hukka), Cigarette or Beedi (type of cheap cigarette made of unprocessed tobacco wrapped in leaves, popular in some southern countries of Asia). Actually over thinking on smoking and other associated topics initiates such feelings in one’s mind.

If the person sticks to some simple still effective precautions and tries to quit the habit, surely he/she can save himself/herself from unnecessary anxiety/tension.

Control your feelings:

The only suggestion essential for a person aiming to quit the habit of smoking is “Control the Feelings”.

quit smoking tips- control your feelingsWhen you turn yourself away from smoking or you willingly say to yourself “NO Smoking for me”, you really want to quit smoking. On the contrary end, this years old habit of yours, the addiction for smoking opposes your will and tries to take it over. It wants you back and thus tries to divert your mind towards smoking.

“One more and its final for me.” “This is my last time.” “This is the last time I am smoking.”

Thinking one of these phrases in mind, one starts smoking again. The emotions (feelings) prove to be his/her biggest weakness. Finally, the person finds it hard for him/her to quit smoking. Thus, we can say control over the feelings is much essential. It is the ultimate weapon against this bad habit. If you have control over your feelings, you have most likely won the whole battle.

Beat Tension:

Most people find smoking as a good source to get free from mental tension. They feel they are rejuvenated. However, this practice of theirs changes into a habit with time. Soon the person gets addicted to smoking.

Straightening the facts, every day work tension or personal mental problems lead to these situations or Quit Smoking- beat stress and anxietyaddictions. People believe that Cigarettes or any other smoking items are the solutions to their problems. These things bring pleasure to them, this is their idea. However on the contrary end, these things are in fact death agents. These things make you feel as if you are in pleasure but actually they are tearing you down inside out.

As a result, when a person tries to quit smoking, he/she feels a type of inner pressure which opposes their will. The pressure gives a rise to anxiety and mental stress if the addiction is not satisfied. Consequently, few people experience irritated behavior and anger. As to overcome these side effects, you should try to divert your mind as by doing some other jobs.

Then again, if you are thinking on the topic “Smoking” over and over again or can say most of the time, then you are going fail on your quest “No Smoking for me”. Do you really desire for a terrible result for your quest? If you lose your will then you’ll not be able to get rid of the habit shortly.

Balance your Lifestyle:

It is necessary for you to keep yourself fit and healthy after quitting the habit. This objective can be

Regular Exercise helps Quit Smoking

achieved by adopting some healthy habits such as eating and sleeping on time as well as by proper and regular exercise. Exercise is necessary for everyone, especially for those people who are on the path to lose the habit of smoking. In fact, adopting these good habits in your daily routine will help you fight mental stress and anxiety. Besides, this fresh lifestyle minimizes the risk of someone falling into the pits of smoking again.