You understand the value of education or studies as they are quite essential for your children. A good Child loves reading while lying down on bed or sofaformal education helps your children open doors to a lot of opportunities for healthier prospects in career growth. Though, there are certain things you must pay attention to in order to provide your kids a healthy future. If your child loves reading while lying down on bed or sofa, you must not ignore his/her practice as well as you should not act on this situation casually. Besides, you ought to encourage your child to avoid this posture while reading. Check his/her posture over and over again and ask him/her to correct it before it becomes a habit.

Habit of reading while lying down: Good or Bad

Habit of reading while lying down - Good or BadIn the age of cutthroat competition, students of all ages have to study hard and for longer hours. Due to long hours of studying in a fixed posture, they get tired. As to make them comfortable, they try different sitting postures. Shortly after that, they lie down and start studying since they find more comfort in that. Obviously, everyone loves to study or do reading while lying down on their bed or sofa, since it’s a comfortable posture. However, you have to understand that it’s a bad practice and should be avoided by people of all age groups. The biggest reason is that it may possibly affect your eyes as well as weaken it.

Beginning of the problem:

Whenever a person gets tired he/she desires to relax by lying on his/her bed or sofa.  In the same way, Studying or reading while lying down on a bed or sofa can negatively affect your eyeswhen someone studies or reads for continuous hours, he/she experiences tiredness. As to provide the body comfort, he/she starts studying or reading while lying down on a bed or sofa. The practice is not only found with children but also with adult people. Though, it’s important to keep a check that this temporary habit of relaxing doesn’t change in a permanent habit. Since, it can convey a number of problems and may well turn out to be quite dangerous, you should stay cautious.

Actually, when anyone reads a material while lying on a surface, his/her book makes a sharp angle with his/her eyes. In this position, the eyes are forced to bear a great strain. At the same time, the position prevents enough light to reach the eyes. As a result, the eyes slowly become weak.

Why do you require proper light?

You require proper light while readingYou should ask your kids to study and do reading while lying down or in proper light. Reading in low light or in high light is not advisable since it possibly will affect the eye. It imparts stress on the eyes as well as the muscles starts to lose extra energy. Reading or writing in the improper light is considered the primary reason for weaker eye sight.

What’s the accurate position?

While reading, the distance of the reading material and The accurate position or posture for reading & studyingeyes should not be exceedingly less or great as eyes have to work hard to identify the content of the document. Your position should be appropriate and the light should come on to the book from your front side. In this way your shadow should not fall on your book/copy in any way.

Time and again, when you study in the open Sun or under Tube light etc, your shadow falls on the book you are studying. This reduces the light and your eye pupils stretch to compensate the loss of light. Since the level of light around you is high than this, when you remove the eye from the book, your eyes feels shuddered.

Your eye pupils take time to shrink back to the normal size, so you feel trouble in the eyes. If this happens again and again, then your eyesight may certainly get weak. It is advisable that you stay cautious.

Relaxation is desirable and is essential:

Relaxation of eyes and brain is desirable and is essentialWhen your child studies for longer hours, his/her eyes gets exhausted. In such a situation, if he/she stays to study more hours then, he/she fails to memorize the read content. Thus, it’s necessary that they take a break after every 40-50 minutes of study such that their eyes and brain gets chance to relax. Keeping eyes closed for 5 minutes and relaxing is a good exercise. This fine habit helps the eyes loose exhaustion.

After washing hands with soap, they should wash their eyes by repeatedly splashing water on them. This type of healthy practice can help again eye exhaustion as well as can keep the eyes away from a lot of infections and diseases.

Take adequate Good Night Sleep:

Children often feel sleepy when they study or read/ learn for long hours. Studying in that way isn’t at all Good Sleep Important for a Good & Healthy skinadvisable plus they’ll not be able to recall anything for that period of time. Thus, its better they sleep and some rest for a while. A Good Night Sleep of at least 6 hours to 8 hours is must. The time is adequate and all the body parts including the brain and eyes rejuvenate themselves during this time.

You all should wake up in the morning and wash your eyes with clean and fresh water. At the same time, you all should do palming exercise to rejuvenate your eyes. Though, you ought to take the advice of some yoga expert or from an experienced eye specialist.

What’s the Role of Eye Glasses Frame?

Those children or adults who have weak eye sight should wear spectacles at all times. In this campaign, you should keep your frame lightweight or else it may cause tension on the eyes. It’s important that you keep your eyes checked on regular basis at your eye specialist’s clinic. There are a number of you who use contact lenses. You should wash your hands properly with soap before handling the lenses. Handling of lenses is a delicate issue and should be kept in a superior-quality liquid.