You have a liking for rice, however you fear it will make you obese. You have a belief that rice may Rice doesn't turn you obese or overweightperhaps make you fat and you will lose your shape. Many people avoid eating rice since they consider it as a reason for obesity. I don’t know the roots behind these misconceptions of yours, but for sure rice isn’t responsible for the obesity or overweight problem. There are a lot of misconceptions spread amid the people related to the rice diet. Let’s solve the mystery and prove these misconceptions wrong.

Rice is the cause for obesity in people:

Often, you get a suggestion from somebody as if you must reduce your rice intake or in some cases even avoid eating rice. You must do so because it makes you fat. On the contrary, rice doesn’t cause the Have you ever seen a fat chinese or japaneseobesity problem in people. Your rice diet doesn’t even have enough calories as to make you fat. A cup of cooked rice may possibly have 150 calories approx. In fact, the equal amount of calorie is present in wheat made items as well as in bread.

Then again, you must understand that the rice starch has mineral salts and a lot of vitamins which are good for health. It is advisable that you must not wash rice many times prior to cooking as it may wash out its nutrients too. As a live example you must notice the eating habits of Japanese people. They have a habit to include rice at least ones every day. Amazingly, the country is the least obesity suffering country around the globe.

I suppose you might have got an idea that there isn’t a relation between the rice and obesity problem.

Rice diet is responsible for the Gastric Problems:

Another mistaken belief with rice is that it may possibly be responsible for the gastric problems. However,Rice doesn't lead to gastric problems in people.png I will deny this theory. Most of us have suffered stomach problems like dysentery, bad motions or Diarrhea etc in the past. You approach a doctor and take medicines, glucose. What type of diet your doctor suggests you with, during the period? Your doctor suggests you with a light diet for this period. You are advised to take diluted rice or Sago (Sabudaana) in your diet.

People suffering from celiac disease or gastric problems can as well add rice in their diet. Since it is easy digestible, you must forget all your doubts.

White Rice is not good for health:

White Rice is good or bad for health A lot of people consider white rice as health challenging, moreover against good health. This idea is totally wrong and requires correction. Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates. Our body’s daily need for carbohydrates can be fulfilled by our rice diet. Though, you can cook it with a few green vegetables, beans, pulses, meat etc. This kind of addition may possibly add taste to your lunch/dinner as well as it will make the food a lot healthier.

Repeated Hunger issues with Rice:

You experience hunger a few hours after your lunch or dinner since rice is one easy digestible food. feeling hungry, need foodAnother reason supporting my answer is that rice doesn’t add some extra weight on your intestine. Thus, you feel that you have a light stomach. On the other hand, if you desire to make your food more nutritious, you can serve it with some high fiber and high protein enriched food item.

All rice varieties are alike in nature:

Are all rice varieties alike in nature and quality?You must not get yourself mistaken by this very idea. Each rice variety has its own nutritious value. You must consider this fact and choose a healthy rice variety for you. It is important that you choose better quality rice with long size grains. This variety has low glycemic value than the short grain rice grains.

At the same time, you must wisely choose the rice brand and flavor. Rice with longer grain size is healthier in comparison to low-priced rice variety with shorter grains. It is since the earlier variety has low arsenic value.