The face is the first thing that people see; moreover it has its effects on the personality. A good & healthy good & healthy face vs unhealthy & wrinkled faceface enhances the personality where an unhealthy & wrinkled face or skin destroys the personality. The facial skin unlike the various other areas of skin of our body is all the times open to the environment; hence it is easily prone against damage through sun exposure, chemicals, toxins as well as pollutants. Hence, you should worry for your facial skin care as to stay beautiful and to avoid the signs of aging, blemishes or acne.

Traditionally, skin care products have forever been made keeping the women and their skin wants in mind, though men should also have a daily facial skin care routine too. Since much time in the past, Men skin care had been ignored a lot. However, men also require unique and healthy skin care.

If you are beginning to identify wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots on your skin & face, it might be time to get serious about your skin care practice! Here are the 8 skin care tips to help you revitalize your skin!

Tip No. 1. – Definitely Say No to Smoking:

quit smoking -bad for skinSmoking can affect negatively the heart and lungs, as well as it can lead to untimely wrinkling and aging. Then again, the effect of smoking makes the skin look older and finally add to wrinkle raise. It narrows the fine blood vessels present in the outer layers of the skin, decrease the flow of blood. As an outcome, the amount of blood decreases from the skin part, resulting in the reduction of oxygen and nutrients which is quite significant.

Discontinue or reduce tobacco use to avoid further skin damage from smoking. Smoking can cause wrinkles and accelerate the aging process of skin since the nicotine in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor, which can reduce the blood flow to organs, such as to the skin. This decline in blood flow can prevent the skin of oxygen and important nutrients, including vitamin A that is essential for the rejuvenation of skin cells.

Improve your eating habits and take healthy foods which are good sources of Vitamin A and C. Smoking affects the body’s ability to take in these two vitamins which are essential for skin protection. You should include foods like carrots, broccoli, green vegetables and oranges in your diet. These food items will surely help you complete the vitamin demands of the body.

Tip No. 2. – Why is the excessive Sun Exposure harmful for skin?

Excessive Sun Exposure harmful for skinOne of the significant ways to make sure your skin remains healthy is to defend it against the Sun’s severe heat. Sun Exposure for a larger time may possibly be harmful for skin as it can increases the reasons leading to wrinkles, age spots and multiple other skin related problems. The danger of Skin Cancer is at maximum, which happens as an ill-effect to excessive sun exposure.

Despite, these more and more recognized dangers of sun exposure, numerous of us now and then, get sluggish when it comes to defending our skin. But how do you avoid the sun? That’s tricky. Learn with us a few ways to simply minimize sun exposure, such that you can spend time in the open safely.

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun during the afternoon session. When the radiation of the sun is severe.
  • When you go out in the Sun, wear protecting clothes such as hats, long sleeves attires and apply sunscreen.
  • You should never use tanning beds as they are increasing source of skin damage and ageing.
  • Use a sunscreen on the uncovered areas of your skin every day. However, when you choose a cream, select the cream which protects you mutually from these two kinds of UV radiations-UVA & UVB.
  • You should use a sunscreen that has Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or greater. An SPF of 15 means that you can hang in the Sun 15 times longer than you usually could.
  • Apply the sunscreen carefully on the exposed skin section. Moreover you should apply it half an hour before going out in the Sun such that the sunscreen is well absorbed into your skin.
  • You may well try a number of sunscreen lotions before you settle on an item that does not cause any skin reaction.
  • However, you should understand that the greatest protection against skin cancer and other damage is to keep away from the Sun.

In a nut shell, you should understand that you must use sun’s cream on skin and wear sun protective outfits. Furthermore, you should try to avoid sun in mid afternoon time.

Tip No. 3. – Why should you Keep your Stress or anxiety level at bay?

A healthy mind leads to healthy body which on the other hand enhances the quality of the skin. On the Keep your Stress or anxiety level at bayother hand, stress makes the skin looks sensitive towards the atmosphere. This factor starts acne breakouts and increases other skin problems.

Have you noticed as if when you are in stress or tension, you suffer more skin related problems? This is since stress causes your body to generate Cortisol and other hormones, which orders your sebaceous glands to create more oil. Oily skin is prone to acne and other skin problems.

Though it isn’t easy at all to avoid stress for the rest of the life, there are certain ways which can help you handle the situations in a better way. Try these methods and I am sure you’ll like them:

  • Don’t ignore the condition of your skin. Take a proper care even if you’re tired or tense.
  • It is vital that you exercise regularly and properly. It’s superior for your skin and the rest of your body.
  • Take time for yourself and do something you take pleasure in, even though you have only ten minutes. Give some time to your hobby.
  • You can take a walk in your local area or nearby.
  • Carry out few stress management techniques, for instance breathing exercises, yoga, meditation or visual imagery.
  • It is very important that you get adequate sleep. You should actually take a sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily.
  • Have little chat sessions with the people around you. Ask for support from a friend or a qualified counselor.

Tip No. 4. – Why should you intake a Healthy Diet?

Why should you intake a Healthy DietThere’s no question that what you eat can have a good effect on your body. Then again, a healthy diet is essential for a person in all period of life. However, while you’re in the market, you should prefer food items that provide double benefits. Initially the food items should help you improve your body & shape. Along with it, it should help you improve your facial looks as well as a skin care agent.

You must understand that your skin has to suffer a lot in your daily life. From exposure to the sun to the environmental pollution, then after from sweating up in a storm to the wind chill of the imminent winter gloominess, your skin suffers a lot of pain on an every day basis. Thus, if you desire for the best of results, it’s sensible to take help of a few skin care friendly items or eatables which are proven to have a considerable effect on skin’s health.

For an attractive and charming facial appearance and improved overall skin health, you must include these few food items and beverages in your daily menu. On the other hand, a person should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables (green leafy), whole grains & proteins. A healthy diet improves the charm of the skin plus provides it life.

Add Yogurt and avoid Wrinkles:Add Yogurt and avoid Wrinkles

The protein you get from eating dairy items help your skin look young, thus it turns resistant against wrinkles or facial lines. Include yogurt in your daily diet to enhance your complexion, furthermore you can apply it on the skin to calm down the irritated, dry or sensitive skin.

Kiwi – A Vitamin C Source:

Kiwi – A Vitamin C SourceWhen it comes to Vitamin C, Orange is not the only solution. A single kiwi can be great for fulfilling your daily need for this nutrient. A good intake of vitamin C is associated with better skin-aging appearance. Vitamin C makes it an efficient supporter in the quest of a attaining a good complexion. Some other good sources of Vitamin C are bell peppers, grapefruit, strawberries, broccoli, peaches, papaya, Brussels sprouts, kale.

Green Tea helps against redness:green tea can help fight skin problems

It’s very high in antioxidants, principally in one antioxidant named as EGCG, which is proved to reduce redness. As a good skin care element, green tea helps you fight irritation or redness. It is important that you take at least one cup of green tea per day.

How does Flax seed Oil help you in your quest for good skin?

Flax seed Oil help you in your quest for good skinScales looks good on Reptiles; moreover they need it for a couple of reasons. However, wrinkles or scales look bad on human skin. They are more likely an indicator of old age. Do you want to look old early in your life?

Thus, you should consider adding this health food in your dietary routine. Researches indicate as if daily flax seed oil consumption can decrease skin reddening plus improve skin hydration, which restricts roughness and dryness.

Flax is rich in the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, which may possibly help you preserve your skin moisture. It is an important skin care element which is particularly important for you in the winter months when your skin suffers dryness & roughness. Some other good sources of Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid are walnuts, hemp seeds and hemp oil, chia seeds.

Coffee is good skin care agent:

Your workout habit may well be healthy for your skin if you give some of your time in the Sun. Increased Coffee and its benefits to the Skincoffee consumption can provide you protection against a potentially serious form of skin cancer Melanoma. Compounds like polyphenols and even caffeine in coffee may possibly help in suppressing UV-triggered tumor growth.

Studies indicate that antioxidant polyphenols in green tea can serve your skin well by reducing damage caused by the sun’s UV radiation. Moreover, it helps you improve your skin quality such as elasticity and dryness.

You can as well apply a Coffee Pack on your face for a better facial skin.

Tip No. 5. – How Water helps you attain a beautiful skin?

Water a moisturizer and vital for Healthy & Acne Free SkinDrinking Water helps you fight dehydration. As the internal body organs require water on a larger scale, it is must for an individual to drink a lot of water. If you aren’t drinking enough water per day as to fulfill the body’s internal demands, the body will start absorbing the moisture of skin to accomplish the internal organ’s demands. As a result, the outer skin dries out and causes skin breakouts. Dry skin has less elasticity, moreover can suffer premature wrinkling.

That’s why; drinking sufficient quantity of water each day is important for a good health as it helps in digestion, circulation, absorption and in excretion. On the other hand, it is believed as if drinking water gives you a healthy, vigorous, younger- looking skin. A few of the benefits of water as a skin care element include:

  • Water is important to preserve the skin moisture and provide essential nutrients to the skin cells. It bathing regularly health benefits for skinrefreshes up the skin tissue and enhances its flexibility. This helps reduce the signs of pre-mature ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Increases the metabolic rate and improves digestive system to eliminate toxins from the body. The process on the other hand, helps you preserve a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Cold shower and a comforting bath calm the nerves and reduce the stress related to the damage to the skin. The Cold water bath reduces the effects of redness of the skin as well as the appearance of acne.
  • A Cold water splash may well be helpful against the under-eye inflammation. Splashing cold water on the eyes can as well decrease the effects of eye puffiness. There are ample of water-rich eye gels available in the market which you can use as a solution.
  • Drinking water helps you flush out the internal toxins and at the same time brings oxygen to your skin cells. As Oxygen is vital to healthy, young looking skin, thus you should at least take 8 glasses of water per day.
Tip No. 6. – How a good sleep helps you in your quest for a good skin?

Good Sleep Important for a Good & Healthy skinTry to take a good night sleep of at least for 8 hours daily. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your skin gets exhausted just like you. It starts to lose its charm and liveliness. I am sure; you will not appreciate the outcomes. As a fact, your body repairs itself and improves itself while you sleep, which on the other hand is quite a lot advantageous for your looks. On the contrary end, if you’re getting a sleep of less than 6 hours, it’s likely to affect your appearance in a most terrible way.

Here’s what science says happens while you sleep, and how it benefits your beautiful skin:

  • While you sleep, your body restores the moisture levels. This indicates that it takes care of skin hydration, which is quite essential for a good and healthy skin, and gives you more nourished skin when you wake up.
  • Your body works on the blood flow to the skin while you sleep, which means you get a healthy glow. If you aren’t taking enough sleep, you must understand that your complexion may possibly turn dull, pale, or lifeless.
  • Collagen is one of the most essential elements needed for a healthy skin. Actually, skin is made up of collagen and any anti-ageing effort is chiefly the fight to repair and defend collagen. Your body produces it while you sleep and doctors advise a sleep of at least 7 hours a night for a sufficient production of collagen.
  • Your skin works on repairing itself while you take a good night sleep, since it isn’t protecting itself from sun and free radicals (harmful molecules).
  • It is proven that Fatigue and sleeplessness causes the factors leading to obesity. Good quality sleep has a positive effect on your body and your taste. In a nut shell, better sleep helps you manage your weight and escape obesity.
Tip No. 7. – How are Exercises and Workouts good for skin?

We all know that exercising has its benefits for your heart, lungs and mind. Regular exercising and

Regular Exercise and workouts for a good skin

workouts can certainly be helpful in getting a healthy skin. Running, jogging and yoga will give your body the needed blood circulation, as well as speed up the cleansing process of your entire body.

Actually, what most people don’t understand is that exercising can help them with their skin’s health? In fact, exercising helps you recover your problems like acne, wrinkles and dull skin. As an additional benefit, certain exercises may help you fight problem like premature aging.

There are numerous benefits of exercises associated with skin’s health. Here are some of ways:

  • Constant and regular physical activities increase the blood circulation. Exercise enhances your skin’s health. Blood and oxygen flowing through the skin help you eliminate toxins out of the body. Sweating helps remove those toxins, oils and dirt out of your pores.
  • Exercise produces endorphins (the hormones that make you feel good) and consequently, helps you reduce the anxiety level. Anxiety reduction and endorphins help decrease Cortisol and other acne-provoking hormones that occur naturally when you are under tension.
  • Aerobic workouts provide your body with oxygenated blood. Your skin instantaneously glows more and that glow remains for a longer time after workout sessions. The skin has blood vessels and when you exercise, the vessels expand and intake good amount of oxygen, moreover gives the skin a healthy, vibrant appearance.
  • Exercises help body create collagen, a protein which helps your skin stay flexible, firm, and elastic.
  • Exercise also helps you relax and sleep better. You body and skin requires repair time and does it best when you’re taking a good night sleep.
Tip No. 8. –Take a Shower for a good and healthy skin:

Take a Shower for a good and healthy skinSometimes the finest of the solutions is also the easiest. Depending on the temperature, your time spent under the water can present you with different benefits. It doesn’t matter you like hot water or prefer cold water, learn how your showering routine affects your health.

Taking a warm shower opens up your pores, so it’s the best place to wash your face. Feeling a bit more anxious than usual? Give yourself an extra 5 minutes with the water running to lighten up.

A hot shower works as a natural decongestant to ease cold symptoms, as the hot steam moisturizes nasal passages.

Turning the shower cold for the 5 minutes can help your body stay awake. This immediate change in temperature relieves your body of exhaustion and increases your mental attentiveness.

Cold showers are healthier for our hair and skin. Where hot shower can dry things out, cold showers hydrate and help it against split ends and dry skin.