“Though all Vitamins and Minerals are essential for a good health, yet there are certain nutrient enriched stuffs which help skin retain youth and beauty. Let’s study the use and benefits of many such agents as to maintain a naturally glowing & healthy skin.”

nutients for a naturally glowing & healthy skinWhenever the topic of “Healthy and Beautiful Skin” arises, heavy words like Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Enzymes are often heard. On the contrary side, there are a few people who truly understand the meaning of the above terms or even be aware of their way of working. It is quite important for one to understand the very purpose of these elements, plus aware with their collective efforts for the skin.

In real, these elements are responsible for a naturally glowing & healthy skin. However one often fails to spot the accurate way of using the elements quality for good. As a result, the individual gets dependent on makeup box and cosmetics. Appropriate and regular use of these elements is beneficial for skin.

Some are listed as under:

Selenium against Sunburns:

Selenium is an antioxidant, which protects the skin against the harms done by free radicals. In contact brocolli a selenium enriched food good for naturally glowing & healthy skinwith sun rays for long, smoking or pollution etc causes wrinkles. The elements help skin regain strength, thus diminishing wrinkles. Selenium saves skin from Cancer and Sunburns.

Food items like Brown rice, nuts, poultry, sea food, tomato, broccoli, and cucumber are rich in Selenium. Walnut is a versatile quality nut, which is a rich source of Selenium plus it helps preserve good mental health.

Zinc makes skin softer:

Same like Vitamin E, Zinc (a salt mineral) offers moisture and glow to a rough skin surface. It boosts the level of collagen in skin but also works as an astringent. Lack of zinc can cause problems like acne or stretch marks. To correct the problem, proper quantity of protein is to be added in the diet. This balances milk, eggs and fish good source of zinc ideal for a healthy skinthe quantity of zinc within a body, providing a naturally glowing & healthy skin.

Usually, zinc is a constituent present in mostly every of the food items. The element is present in food items accessible from animals. As well as it can be obtained from vegetables/plants etc. However, food items available from vegetables/plants are not as rich source of zinc. Food items like fish, meat and milk are good source of zinc. Dark color vegetables as well as peas, barley, dry fruits etc contain zinc in good amount.

Moisture providing Fatty Acids:

Giving up oil-ghee or dry fruits on a longer run as to protect oneself from obesity is not totally beneficial. This is not a good practice. Though, the natural way of keeping the skin soft is through fatty acids. It has its own importance for the skin.

Moreover, Omega-3 or Omega-6 fatty acids safeguard the skin against the harmful effects of pollution. Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps skin fight against pollutionOmega-3 fatty acids consists of some vital elements which protects the skin from problems like burning sensation and skin itching. As the component is not created within the body, thus one has to rely on the diet.

First of all, don’t exclude ghee, oil, butter or dry fruits entirely from your diet chart. Flax seed, oil, sea food, walnut, almond or fish are food items that are rich source of fatty acids.

Beta Carotene or Lycopene:

Much like Vitamin-E or Vitamin-A, Beta Carotene is an important antioxidant. It helps regenerate the UV affected skin. At the same time, it minimizes the effect of photo aging. Similarly, Lycopene is forceful beta carotene rich food iems helps regenerate the UV affected skinantioxidant which frees the body from free radicals and help keep it fit. It is hundred times powerful than
Vitamin-E and twice powerful than Beta Carotene.

Tomato is a fundamental resource of Lycopene. Even after cooking Tomato, it doesn’t lose its Lycopene property. Other agents of Lycopene are papaya, red guava, rose, grapes and watermelon.

From the Vault- Essential for a naturally glowing & healthy skin:

“Fighto Estrogen is an element which maintains the youth of the skin for longer time. This hormone is much in women as compared to men.
Therefore, women have a shiny and appealing skin as compared to men.
To increase the level of hormone in oneself and to get a naturally glowing & healthy skin, he/she should intake unbroken grains, husk mixed flour made chapattis, flax seed or soya bean at regular and punctual basis.”