Sweating problems and Smell of Sweat is a common issue and at the same time is somewhat mental agonizing for everyone. It is one tension giving issue which at times affects everybody. As to get free from tension and reduce the problem to a significant level, a large variety of market products are admired.

Deodorants and Perfumes are some most well-known solutions, yet the side effects to these products are worth to be studied before using it.

Do You Sweat Too Much and suffering from Sweating problems?

Germ Free and Sweat Free SummerIn the season of tremendous heat (summer), everyone is suffering from a common problem i.e. sweat. Sweating aids bacteria to grow on the body resulting in some foul smell. As to escape this problem or the foul smell, one uses deodorants, perfumes, scents or even antiperspirants etc.

Then again, these very products are used to overcome Sweating problems. However, these products may cause you worst side effects on the skin/body.

According to a research, the product imparts a negative effect on the body. These products can cause problems related to skin, eyes, liver or disease like Alzheimer. Cancer is a deadly disease which is one extreme outcome to excess use of the products.

Thus, it is beneficial for you to be cautious when going for these products.

Sweating problems – “Reason”

An adult body contains approx 2 Lakh sweat glands. These sweat glands are responsible for the excretion of sweat. The body balances its temperature with the help of these sweat excreting glands.reason for bad body odour and sweating

It is as if a human body is made up of about 70% water. As the surrounding temperature rises, the body needs to balance its temperature with respect to the surrounding. In such hot conditions body excretes sweat with the help of sweat glands to cool off the body as well maintain its temperature. The sweat also helps eliminate useless or waste materials from the inner body.

Other than that sweat or moisture aids bacteria to grow and stay, resulting in growth of a foul smell.

Use of deodorants, perfumes, scents or antiperspirants:

Use of deodorants, perfumes & antiperspirants reduces the foul odour of sweatingAs per some experts “People are free to use fragrant products as to get rid of bad smell and overcome Sweating problems.”

Point is, you should choose those products which clearly indicate their internal constituents. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t compel the manufacturers to reveal their product’s constituents.

A few of the companies take advantage of this situation and use this limitation of law to increase the sales of their cheaply manufactured products. They hide the names of the harmful chemicals, used as a constituent in the product, representing it as “Trade Secret”.

Some of the countries around the globe have strict laws in this respect. Thus, the manufacturers there are compelled to reveal all the product details as well the internal constituents used with manufacturing.

As a benefit, in this case one can escape the side effects caused with perfumes and deodorants. One should use imported brands which fully describes the inner constituents. Furthermore, everybody can use deodorants, scents, or perfumes as to reduce the foul smell. However, one should discourage the use of Anti-perspirant which reduces or even stops sweating.

On the other hand, the deodorants reduce the foul smell of the body, whereas the scent is applied ontoUse of deodorants, perfumes & antiperspirants reduces the bad odour of sweating the clothes. The two of these doesn’t affect the sweat flow. Thus, these can be used. Other than these Anti-perspirants is water proof. Their application may well affect the sweat glands and furthermore stops the sweat flow. In this situation, the body experiences a negative effect.

Blockage of sweat glands results in stoppage of sweat flow, which for sure leads to many dangerous diseases.

Keep a check on Allergies:

Some people are allergic to fragrance. They have a nose which is sensitive to smell. These people shouldn’t use such kind of products as it may damage their condition to a big level.

Furthermore, allergies can be of multiple types. Some people may suffer from skin related allergies, Keep a check on Allergies of perfumes, deodorants and antiperpirantswhereas a few may suffer with continuous sneezing or cold. Whatsoever the cause, the problem can lead you to many great health related problems in future.

Not only perfumes or deodorants, if the body is sensitive to multiple other items or products, allergic to them, it is better for the person to stay away from those types of items.

For instance, it is seen that some people are allergic to nickel which is used with certain belts or in the form of buttons in the clothes. This metal adds appeal to the product.

Despite the allergy risk, people use it as to satisfy their taste of fashion. As a result, they invite disaster for themselves. It’s like

“Digging own grave.”


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