Let’s try to focus on our primary topic for today which is science of food. The food we eat is actually responsible for our health. Let the journey begin….

Health is wealth.

This is a famous proverb which I believe each one of us has read or heard. Life appears beautiful to healthy food habitthose people who are in good shape and are healthy. As to keep up good health, one requires to take adequate diet and in a proper way. Adding to the topic, I want to tell you that there is a subject called “Food science”. The subject explains the mystery of a variety of foodstuffs as well clears all the myths.

The branch of science explains the vital topics like the appetite and food items as per the age of human, the way of eating and the time of eating. If you manage to understand this science of food, then “fitness and health” is an easy target to achieve.

What’s in fact is the science of food?

What's in fact is food Science and nutritionIn fact, the science wants us to shift our focus to an important fact. It is as if the type of food we eat, our nature turns out to be similar to it. The type of food we eat in our everyday is directly dependable for our behavior and consequently our life changes.

The food we eat and consume doesn’t only affect our health but also have an effect on our social and spiritual nature/temper. A research made in this field indicates that the bad habits with food decrease the blood flow or pressure in the brain. This event, on the other hand affects the human capability to reason as well as have a negative effect on the memory.

Why you must take a balanced diet?

What’s the role of balanced diet when we talk about science of food? In this mission of yours, a balanced Why you must take a balanced dietand suitable diet can help you acquire a strong body and essentially improves the immunity level of your body. In this way, the body would be capable to fight against diseases. It helps in the development of the brain, enhances its capacity plus keeps it healthier. Thus, you remain mentally fit and strong.

You may have noticed if you intake amino acids enriched diet every time you are sad, depressed or filled with disappointment, the tension level slowly but surely decreases. In reality, the amino acids present in your diet improves your sleep and provides energy, thus you experience relaxation.

Do you know something about the Happy Food?

amino acids and Omega 3 are considered as The Happy FoodAmino acids and Omega 3 is commonly called as ‘The Happy Food’. When you eat or drink items containing these agents as constituents, there is a type of chemical reaction in your body which increases your life’s happiness. As to improve your mood, you require Vitamin C as well.

As by now, you would have understood the importance of balanced diet and its relation with science of food. It is as if the rules set for food items have its scientific importance too, which is directly connected to your health. Spending time with family is another good habit. Having meals (at least ones in day) with the family increases the happiness and mutual understanding.

This habit improves the internal bonding between the members of the family. As well as it helps reduce the mental tension and stress.

What’s our conclusion? Don’t you agree?

As food is the building block of life and provides energy to the body, thus your food should include all theyour food should contain all vitamins & minerals nutrition, essential for the body. For instance your food must be a mixture of calcium, iron, Omega-3, Omega-6, Potassium, Zinc and Manganese plus should have all kinds of vitamins. These elements have a great effect your physical and mental health. Of course, the effect is positive.

“If you are cautious enough and keep a check on your diet, then you can avoid a lot of diseases. On the contrary, you spend a lot on medicine and medical support, yet never adopts a balanced diet life.”