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How Strength Training Can Help You In Your Quest For Physical Fitness?

What’s Strength Training?

Strength training is a process by which you exercise your muscles as well as other parts of your body at the very time. Along with that, you lose weight. Isn’t that an additional bonus? Actually, it is a vital part of a balanced exercise routine that includes aerobics and flexibility exercises.

Standard aerobic exercise, such as running or using a stationary bike, makes your muscles use oxygen more effectively and toughens your heart and lungs. When you strength train with weights, you’re using your muscles to work against the extra pounds (this conception is called resistance). These activities make you stronger and increase the muscle mass in your body by making your muscles work harder than normal.

Standard Aerobic Exercise, Running Or Using A Stationary Bike Is Good For Health & Lungs

Control Your Weakness:

If you desire a fit and healthy life, you should definitely try strength training. Besides, you should adopt strength training with the growing age to live up a healthy life. The habit controls the muscular weakness such that the person stays free from muscular pain in the second innings of his life.

Adopt Strength Training With The Growing Age To Live Up A Healthy Life

Keeps The Muscles In Good Shape:

When you strength-trains yourself, small tiers start to arise in the muscle fiber. In the process, new cells begin to develop and join which on the other hand strengthens the body as well as protects the cells against damage. Actually, the process doesn’t increase the quantity of muscle fiber; else it increases the mass of the muscle fiber. Moreover, strength training enhances the work capacity of the person.

Strength Training And Muscle Fiber Growth

Clear Your Myths Related To Strength Training:

Some people think the muscle growth in this training exercise is nothing other than body fat. However, I don’t think you should have an agreement with this fact. One pound of body muscle covers less space than the body fat of the same weight. Thus, you can stay positive with the process as if it helps you maintain the body as well the weight, and you stay healthy.

Training By Using Weights On A Weight Machine:

The easiest method with strength training is exercising on a weight machine and lifting dumble. The additional benefit of the machine is as if you get a chance to learn the appropriate exercise movements with it. Though, it’s necessary that you adjust the machine and weights according to your age and physique. In case, the machine isn’t adjusted in the appropriate way, you will do incorrect movements which increases the chances of injury.

Exercising On A Weight Machine And Lifting Weights

At the same time, if you are lifting heavy weights, inappropriate for your physique, you may suffer waist problems. That’s why; you should take care while choosing the weights for you. Finally, when you perform weight training on a machine, it supports your body and minimizes the risk of injury. However, you have to be a little cautious with adjustments.

Starting The Strength Training Exercises:

Introducing yourself to the world of exercises is good as well as exciting. Though, it’s important that you step into this world under the guidance of a specialist. In the absence of specialist guidance, you might suffer cramps or muscle strain. You should try to learn under his/her supervision the correct method of strength training exercises. Different exercising techniques focus on different parts of your body. Thus, you have to exercise accordingly, considering the body part where you need to add muscle.

Specialist Guidance Is Must Or You Might Suffer Cramps Or Muscle Strain

As a suggestion, individuals who are more than 30 should do the exercises for hip and leg muscles. Most importantly, exercise can be a blessing for arthritis-suffering people.

Different Exercises For Different Body Parts:

As I have indicated in the above point, there is a specific exercise for a different body part. Thus, you have to choose an exercise type, suitable to the body part you are focusing on. Randomly choosing an exercising method without considering its effects can be disastrous for you, thus stay cautious.

For instance, you can employ exercise methods like bench press, push-ups, chest press machines, and pack deck machines. Other than that, methods like seated row machine, back extension, and pull-down are employed for the back. There are methods like overhead press, letter range, and lat pullouts for shoulders.

Different Exercise For Different Body Parts

If you want to build your arms up and turn out to be a physically robust person, work on your biceps and triceps, what are the best exercises for you? You can try exercising methods like biceps curl, hammer curl, incline hammer curls as well as concentration curl, etc for biceps. As for triceps, you can employ methods like triceps extension, dips kickbacks, etc.

There are exercising techniques like a skewed, lunge, leg press machine, deadlifts, calf raise, etc for the bottom part of your body. Lastly, you can try techniques like crunch, reverse crunch, oblique twist, etc for the stomach exercise.

Exercises For Your Lower Half Of Your Body


You might obviously gain some sudden weight or lose some weight during strength training days. Though, you must not fear the physical changes. As well as, it’s important that you don’t get demotivated. Most importantly, you should focus on your health and on your ultimate goal which is to stay fit since Health is Wealth.

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Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle At Home

Thinking of some best Workout Routine to build muscle but do not want to leave your home or do not want to invest in a gym membership? We got you covered. Most muscle gain workouts require heavy equipment, which means you need to go to the gym. Apart from this heavy equipment required a deep understanding of technique otherwise you might end up injuring yourself.

With the help of this article, we will take a deep dive into the muscle-building process and how lifting weight impacts muscle building. We will also talk about a simple yet effective workout routine that can help you build muscle at home without traditional, heavy gym equipment.

Full Body Muscle Building Workout Routine without Equipment


Burpees are intense exercises so you need to take the first fifteen minutes with burpees. Try to perfect the technique rather than complete the time. Focus on tightening your core and maintaining a good position that will facilitate your body strength. Jumping from one simple posture to another will not help you, so increase intensity. You will soon feel the burn in your glutes, arms, chest, core, and back muscles as well.



Plank is a simple yet very effective workout that will work wonders for your core. You need to start with one minute plank and then divide the rest of the time into 3 sets and 4 reps. Keep your back straight while you balance your weight on your elbows and toes. Make sure your abs are tight because it will impact that as well.


Pull up and push up

This is a great upper body workout that almost every bodybuilder must try. It helps in endurance as well as strength and yet you will feel improvement in the muscle of your arms. You can take 10 minutes for the pull-up and ten minutes for the push-up. However, for beginners, it is better to start with just five minutes and then increase gradually.

Pushups and Pullups


Simple yet very effective exercises that will mainly focus on your lower body muscles. You just need to maintain posture and increase the size of your strides. Do not push your limits. In case you want to increase intensity you can also use resistance bands and they will help you increase strength without increasing the frequency or workout.


The Mechanism Behind Muscle Building

Most people question why lifting weight helps in increasing the girth of muscle and its strength as well. The answer to this question is simple. Our body has established a simple method of healing. Every cell that goes through some rupture or bad health is replaced with a healthy cell. When it comes to muscle tissue, weight lifting strains the muscles and this impacts the health of the muscle cell.

Eventually, the ruptured, damaged, and injured muscle cells look for a replacement. With a good diet, rest, and helping the body through improved recovery steps, the overall healing process speeds up and the new healthy muscle tissues get much stronger, better, and bigger. That is how muscle develops and weight lifting exercises work as the trigger for the muscle cells’ development.

Setting Frequency

While preparing the best Workout Routine to build muscle, you need to maintain a good frequency because overworking your body will eventually impact your health. For a beginner, start with 2-3 days of muscle-building workout and then assist with one day of cardio and take the rest of the days off.

For the intermediate workout for 3-4 days with 2 days of cardio and take the rest of the days off. However, if you aim to become a professional, you need to start with 4-5 days of intense muscle-building workouts and then 3 days of cardio.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you use your workout. The above-mentioned workout has almost everything that you will need and yet it offers a simple customization option that you can try as well.

You can opt for an extreme workout that will only consist of weight or you can choose a cardio-based muscle-building workout that will help you reduce the fat content and make your muscles tighter rather than making them extremely bulky.

Another important thing is to focus on the diet and offer your body enough energy that can keep it going without getting exhausted while exercising. A good heavy protein-packed diet is essential however, it is much better to have a balanced diet so you can offer your body the essential nutrients that it requires.