Puberty – Prepare your daughter for this period of time

Your little princess is growing up and is stepping into her teenage years. She is aging and is on the path to become a young woman, leaving her childhood years behind. This is a phase in her life where the girl experiences a lot of changes in her body as she is stepping into puberty.

Puberty- speak with her about Her Changing Body

Puberty- speak with her about Her Changing Body

You can observe the signs and as a mother wishes to prepare her for this period of time. Then again, you don’t feel comfortable about the idea of talking with her on the topic. Furthermore, you aren’t definite as if what to say or how to start the conversation.

During this phase, she requires mental help from her parent, especially her mother. Thus, if you are committed to help her in any way, guide her well, you’ll surely make her lose a lot of mental tension. Consequently, her teenage years will pass on smoothly and cheerfully.

A significant phase in girl’s life:

puberty - significant phase in girl’s life

puberty – significant phase in girl’s life

As indicated in the previous lines, Puberty is another important phase in a girl’s life which can’t be prevented. Thus, its better you make yourself prepared for the moment.

Again, this is a period of time when your girl starts to mature physically and mentally. She adds nearly 25% in her height; her bones start to get stronger by 40% to 45% as well as her reproductive glands fully develop during this period of time.

Obviously, puberty is like a foundation for a healthy life. As a result, problems irrespective of the strength can produce health problems for her in the longer run. The hormonal changes affect her mentally and give rise to unnecessary irritation. As well, she may possibly starts to lose her concentration.

On the other hand, this is the time when she has to work hard on her studies and build a good career for her. Some researches indicate as if problems during puberty can negatively affect the girl’s performance.

As a result, she might fail to carry out certain important tasks in the best possible way. Consequently, it becomes important for you mothers to pay attention and take care of your daughters, help them especially during this period of time.

What actually is Puberty?

Puberty is phase of life which starts nearly in the 10th year of every child and continues for the next 4-5 years. In the initial years, you can observe the first symptom of puberty in your girl which is the development of chest. As well as, the girl’s height increases significantly in this period of time.

What actually is Puberty

What actually is Puberty

More or less, two years after the development of the chest, menstruation begins in the girls. In the initial two years due to immaturity, the menstruation may be irregular. Though, there is nothing to worry about, as the process is natural. You should help your daughter understand the significance of the process as well as help her release the unnecessary tension. On the other hand, girls add somewhat 5 cm to 8 cm in their height during this time period.
The time period between 12 years to 18 years is quite significant as most of the bones in the body develop and gains strength during these years. You must understand that the lack of proper development of bones in these years can be an important reason behind Osteoporosis (weakness in bones) in her future years.

How to speak with her about her changing body?

You need to make your daughter aware with facts related to puberty such that she could handle the physical & mental changes in a better way. It’s your responsibility as a parent that you make your daughter realize the usual importance of puberty, moreover help her release stress in those years. If you can manage short talking sessions with her, she’ll soon lose her fear and would be less hesitant in telling you her problems.

how to speak with her about her changing body

how to speak with her about her changing body

Again, you have to keep an eye on her height. There is a normal increase of nearly 20 cm in height after the breast development as well as nearly 5 cm after menstruation. You need to encourage her do a number of physical activities regularly and have food items containing good amount of Calcium, Vitamin D etc. It is necessary for them to do physical activity for 30-45 minutes per day. Along with that you should give them a glass of milk twice every day as to make their bones strong.

As these years are a bit complicated for them as they are dealing with unexpected bodily changes and problems, they require your mental support. You ought to give her enough of your time daily. As well you have to handle her irritated behavior with love and avoid scolding her every now and then.

Situations of concern and when to worry:

There is always a corner for concern if signs of puberty emerge prior to the natural age or doesn’t appear long after the natural age. You should be worried if the development of chest is prior to the age of 8 as well as menstruation period starts before age 10. You should contact a specialist as this can be a situation for concern or an alarm for a health problem. Likewise, no signs of puberty till age 14 can be as well a reason for concern or alarm for a health problem.

Situations of concern and when to worry

Situations of concern and when to worry

As stated in one of the above paragraphs, the menstruation may possibly be irregular in the initial two years. However, you ought to be concerned if it continues after the stated period of time. A slight pain is common in menstruation, but too much pain which is obstructing her perform school and daily activities in a normal way, can be a cause for serious health problem.

In the same way, insufficient increase in height before the start of menstruation indicates she would not add much height in future too. Along with this, she may possibly get numerous hairs on her face or may face the problem of extra discharge of blood during periods or deal with the problem of pimples and hair loss every now. These health problems are the reason of hormonal diseases.

What must be done if problems continue?

The health problems related to puberty ought to be addressed as soon as possible. You must approach a specialist doctor with your daughter in a number of cases. For instance, if the physical development of the reproductive organs starts prior to the age of 8 or doesn’t start till age 14. Again, if she experiences great pain during menstruation or dealing with unwanted facial hair. You have to share these conditions with the doctor on the urgent basis.

Your awareness towards the subject as well as precautionary behavior can help her overcome the problems in the most efficient way. This is the time when you should give your girl a lot of support and love, so that she can easily get out of this difficult period. With these small steps taken at the time of Puberty, you can create a successful and healthy future for your girl.

Meet a doctor with your daughter for puberty issues

Meet a doctor with your daughter for puberty issues

Some Points to Remember:
  1. Try to keep her calm and help her release tension or stress.
  2. Talk to her openly on the puberty related topics. She will at times share her problems with you.
  3. Encourage her to participate in a number of physical activities.
  4. Add milk and green vegetables in diet.
  5. Contact a doctor whenever necessary.
  1. Never avoid the problems related to menstruation.
  2. Never overburden her with any kind of competitions or studies.
  3. Avoid the use of unnecessary medicines.
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